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A masterpiece of exotic design and workmanship that rises above London's skyline, BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir is a testament to the capital's multiculturalism

Visit BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir with zooFamily

Pay nothing upon arrival, simply show your pass
Free access to the permanent exhibition: 'Understanding Hinduism'
Marvel at traditional Hindu architecture
Use your London Pass® to visit 80+ other top attractions!

With ancient Indian art and traditions housed in this place of worship, as well as deities and motifs representing the sacred faith and beliefs of a people dating back over 8,500 years, this London attraction is possibly the most important Indian museum in London.
The BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Museum includes the “Understanding Hinduism” exhibition - a permanent feature spread over 3,000 sq ft on the ground floor and covering the origin and beliefs of Hinduism through visual effects, paintings, tableaux and traditional craftwork.
The largest Hindu temple outside India, BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir features huge dioramas and panels leading you through a journey of discovery like no other.

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir is located in Neasden, North London close to Neasden or Dollis Hill Underground stations (both on the Jubilee Line).

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Explore a charming collection of fans in all shapes and sizes, dating from the 11th century right up to the present day.

Visit the Fan Museum with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
View the permanent collection on the ground floor, charting the history of fans and fan-making.
Themed displays of fans from the collection change three times annually in the exhibition rooms upstairs.

​Admire a varied collection of decorative, functional and ceremonial fans from around the world and across the centuries at this wonderful Greenwich museum.
Set inside two lovingly restored Georgian townhouses, this magical museum’s collection of over 5,000 fans is as delightful and elegant as the buildings in which it is displayed.
Founder Hélène Alexander has dedicated her life to collecting fans and has created an intimate and homely space in which to view the collection, thanks to a sensitive restoration of the 1721 buildings and the addition of a tea room overlooking the peaceful Japanese garden.

Highlights of the collection include an extensive range of European fans from the 18th and 19th centuries, and a fan that’s nearly a thousand years old. There are paper fans, lace fans, ivory fans, Chinese fans, fans decorated with mythological beasts, fans designed by artists including Salvador Dali, George Barbier and Sylvain Le Guen, even a fan with a built-in ear trumpet!
Learn about their various uses through the ages: fans as fashion accessories, fans for advertising products, fans for keeping cool and fans as an art form.
Whether you’re the world’s biggest fan of fans, or have the merest flutter of interest, you’re sure to find plenty to admire and enjoy here.

Fan Museum highlights

Permanent collection - the ground floor galleries provide a compelling and comprehensive introduction to fans, their history and how they are made, with exhibits from all over the world
Regular exhibitions - the exhibition rooms on the upper level host up to three temporary exhibitions each year, showcasing collection highlights around a specific theme
Orangery and Japanese garden - the orangery serves afternoon teas surrounded by beautiful, intricate wall murals and offers views onto the tranquil Japanese garden

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Visit London’s amazing Natural History Museum to pick up your official souvenir guide!

Get your Natural History Museum souvenir guidebook with zooFamily

With us, there are no additional fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
You get a fab full-color guidebook as a souvenir of your visit to the world-famous Natural History Museum.
This free guide is just the excuse you need to take a trip to the Natural History Museum in London’s swanky Kensington.

The Natural History Museum is home to 300 scientists and a whopping 80 million objects.
See a triceratops skull in the famous Dinosaurs gallery, marvel at the 4.5 billion-year-old Imilac meteorite and learn about out our planet’s amazing biodiversity.
Your free guidebook explores each of the different exhibition areas and includes a handy map. Packed with color photos, it’s a great way to navigate your way around the museum and a lovely memento of your visit.

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Enjoy fantastic views of the city at the top of The Monument to the Great Fire of London while learning about a pivotal moment in the city’s history.

Visit The Monument to the Great Fire of London with zooFamily

Sweeping panoramic views of the city.
Learning about how the city reshaped itself after the devastating Great Fire of London.

When the fire spread from Thomas Farynor’s bakery at 2 am on Sunday 2nd September 1666, more than 86% of London was razed to the ground and 130,000 people lost their homes in what was later called the Great Fire of London.
Designed by Sir Christopher Wren, The Monument was built to commemorate the Great Fire of London and is one of the best ways to enjoy spectacular views of London while learning about an important moment in London's history.

Standing 202 feet high and 202 feet from the spot on Pudding Lane where the great fire is thought to have started, The Monument to the Great Fire of London is the tallest isolated stone column in the world. All visitors who climb the 311 steps are awarded a certificate to prove that they made it to the top.
London Explorer passes are the best choice for maximum savings and flexibility when sightseeing in London. Your pass includes The Monument to the Great Fire of London tickets, plus admission to dozens of top attractions across the city.

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From run-ins with notorious gangsters to high-profile cases, Bow Street Police Museum looks at the fascinating history of the Metropolitan Police.

Visit Bow Street Police Museum with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day - all you've got to do is show your pass!
Learn about the history of Bow Street Station and the Metropolitan Police.
Get 10% off all gift shop items with your pass.

Located in the building where the city's first Magistrates Court was established, Bow Street Police Museum's former cells act as galleries and exhibit spaces, displaying information about famous criminal cases.
From the inception of the Bow Street Runners, London's first official law enforcement service, you'll journey through the history of the force and learn about the most important moments of its history.

Plus, you'll hear tales from those who once worked at the station and look at artefacts which showcase fascinating investigations, famous arrests and justice being served.

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Sail through history aboard the Golden Hinde, a full-scale reproduction of Sir Francis Drake’s 16th-century ship on London’s South Bank.

Step aboard the Golden Hinde with zooFamily®

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Explore the vessel to discover what life on board an Elizabethan galleon was like and learn about naval commander Drake’s life at sea.
Interact with the ship’s costumed crew, who will regale you with tales of derring-do on the high seas!

Visit this living-history museum for an insight into Sir Francis Drake’s exploits as captain of the Golden Hinde in the 16th Century.
Drake is widely considered to be one of the greatest seafarers of his time. His epic expeditions elevated him to legendary status in England. Overseas, however, he was feared and reviled as a pirate and slave trader. Indeed his skills as a naval commander so terrified his enemies that many suspected him of witchcraft, even of being in league with the devil.
The Hinde was instrumental in Drake’s defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588, thwarting their attempt to launch an invasion on England.

Step back into that era as you explore this faithful reconstruction, with its 22 cannons, carved golden figurehead and towering masts, all handcrafted using traditional techniques and materials. That commitment to authenticity continues right down to tiny details including the bottles of scented water Drake was known to have used.
Take a seat at the captain’s table and discover how the crew lived in cramped conditions below deck – crew members in period costume will be on hand to bring the ship’s story to life and answer any questions you have.

Golden Hinde highlights

Meet the crew - costumed crew members are all hands on deck to bring the Golden Hinde’s story to life
Fire power - 22 carefully reconstructed cannons on board give an insight into how Drake achieved the 1588 defeat of the Spanish Armada
Golden figurehead - look out for the carved figurehead depicting the golden hind that gave the ship its name

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Discover the history and heritage of London’s waterways at this fascinating museum that's set inside a Victorian ice warehouse on Regent's Canal.

Visit the London Canal Museum with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Exhibits at this King's Cross museum include a colorful narrowboat cabin, scale models of boats and their cargoes, canal memorabilia and more.
Peer down into an original ice well and learn about the museum’s previous incarnation as an ice warehouse.

Take a tour of the London Canal Museum to learn all about the city’s network of waterways and their uses over the centuries.
The London Canal Museum is set inside an impressive Victorian ice warehouse on the Regent's Canal in King's Cross, and features replica boats, a sensitively restored narrowboat cabin and a recreation stable for the horses that were once used to pull cargo boats along from the towpath.

You’ll find out how narrowboats are painted and the traditions behind their cheerful designs and get a real flavor of London’s canals and the people who lived and worked on them.
There’s also an opportunity to view the building’s original ice well. Swiss ice cream entrepreneur Carlo Gatti ran his empire from here in the mid-19th Century, shipping huge quantities of ice from Norway and storing it in the well here. He’s credited with being the first person in London to sell ice cream to the public.
The museum’s scenic location on Regent’s Canal makes it the perfect start or end point for a towpath stroll. There’s a handy audio-guide available on the official website that leads you on a walk from Camden Town to the museum – you’re sure to see many narrowboats and pleasure craft bobbing along the canal as you go.

London Canal Museum highlights

Narrowboat cabin - explore the interior of a wonderfully restored narrowboat cabin
Ice well - take a look at the ice well used by Carlo Gotti to build his ice cream empire in the 1850s
The stables - step into the recreated stables to learn about the horses employed to pull narrowboats along the canals

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Benjamin Franklin House in central London - the historic residence for one of the Founding Fathers of America.

Take a Benjamin Franklin House Architectural Tour with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
A tour of Benjamin Franklin House, the last remaining home of Benjamin Franklin.

Benjamin Franklin House is the last remaining former home of polymathic Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin.

Architectural tour

The Architectural tour explores the Georgian features of the house, along with its fascinating history encompassing Franklin’s long residence (1757-1775), the Hewson anatomy school, and the comprehensive conservation project that saved it from dereliction.
Located on Craven Street, just a short walk from Trafalgar Square, this historical building dates from circa 1730 and was the residence of Benjamin Franklin in London between 1757 and 1775, during which time this extraordinary man was involved with mediation between America and Britain as well as his groundbreaking scientific studies.

The house, which is now the site of a student science centre, is the only remaining residence of Benjamin Franklin and is widely recognised as being the leading centre for studies related to Franklin. Visitors can get an insight into Franklin's life through the many artefacts on show, on a 25-minute architectural tour. You can also visit another London attraction, the Scholarship Centre, which houses a full set of Franklin’s papers.

With many original architectural features, you can explore the residence and its many original artefacts on an in-depth architectural tour.

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Admire an eclectic collection of sculptures and Futurist paintings at this unique celebration of modern Italian art.

Visit the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
The Estorick Collection is the UK’s only gallery dedicated exclusively to modern Italian art – see the paintings, sketches and sculptures that helped shape the scene
There are six galleries over three floors, plus a library, a bookshop and a café.

Explore this impressive showcase of some of the early 20th Century’s most important works of Italian art, including pieces by Boccioni and Modigliani.
The Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art is housed inside a grand, Grade II-listed Georgian townhouse just off the Holloway Road.
Opened in 1998, it boasts an incredible collection of art from the first half of the 20th Century, with the majority of pieces on display from the Futurism movement founded by F. T. Marinetti in 1909.
Artists whose works you can expect to see in the galleries include Medardo Rosso, considered one of the most pioneering sculptors of his time, and Umberto Boccioni, an early Futurism adopter. There are also pieces by Italian artists less closely associated with the movement, such as Modigliani’s famous elongated portraits, and Giorgio de Chirico dreamlike The Revolt of the Sage.
Don’t miss The Library on the top floor, which contains over 3,000 books and periodicals, including Fortunato Depero's 'bolted book' Depero Futurista, a modern masterpiece of graphic design and bookmaking, as well as first editions of novels by Wyndham Lewis, and much more.
You can pick up some arty souvenirs of your visit in the gallery shop, and pause for delicious Italian specialties in the Estorick Caffè with its lovely glass conservatory and tranquil garden.

Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art highlights

Umberto Boccioni - see rare sketches and paintings by this pioneering spirit of the Futurism movement
The Library - explore a huge collection of rare books, periodicals and Futurism pamphlets and manifestos
Estorick Caffè - Italian food and drink is served up in this pleasant café, which has a glass conservatory that extends into the peaceful garden.

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Enjoy the city from a different perspective with a 2-hour bike hire from the London Bicycle Tour Company.

Access to a two-hour bike hire with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Choose between a traditional bike or mountain bike.
London Bike hire lets you enjoy sightseeing in a unique and fun way.
Hire a mountain bike or traditional cycle bike from the largest privately-owned fleet in the city and take to the streets at your leisure, stopping at all the most famous sights!

Please Note: A credit or debit card will be required for a deposit on all hire items.

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Learn about the soldiers involved with the Changing of the Guard, the famous ceremony that takes place at Buckingham Palace.

Visit The Guards Museum with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day - all you've got to do is show your pass.
Learn about the Five Regiments of Foot Guards at this fascinating museum.

The Guards Museum London was created as an educational tool for the newest intake of Guardsmen and includes displays of uniform for the five Royal Regiments dating from the English Civil War, with details of the nature and origin of their ceremonial duties right up to their contemporary role.
This London museum provides an exclusive insight into the Foot Guards and Household Cavalry, their combat histories and present-day function. To anyone interested in the military heritage of these world-famous soldiers, this museum is a must-see.

Set opposite St James Park in royal grounds, the London Guards Museum also gives an excellent overview of the importance of the Royal Family to the nation throughout history and their long association with the military.

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This striking Grade I listed triumphal arch contains three floors of exhibitions in its hollow body and boasts balconies offering views across the surrounding central London parks

Visit Wellington Arch with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Learn about the troubled history of the arch at the onsite museum.
Exhibition space where you can discover more about Wellington and his famous victory at the Battle of Waterloo.
Superb views across this historic part of London from arch’s balcony.
Admire the bronze chariot sculpture that stands astride it.
Your Go London pass gives you access to dozens more of the city's top attractions, so make sure to check them out!
Set in the heart of royal London, Wellington Arch was built as an original entrance to Buckingham Palace.

Now, this triumphal arch celebrates Britain’s triumph over Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo. The hollow arch contains three floors of exhibitions on the Napoleonic Wars and the history of the arch itself, as well as offering extensive views across the surrounding royal area from its balconies.

Wellington Arch highlights:

Battle of Waterloo – learn more about the Battle of Waterloo, where the Duke of Wellington guided his army to victory over Napoleon’s forces, ending the Napoleonic Wars. You’ll even find a pair of the Duke of Wellington’s wellington boots and the sword he carried at the Battle of Waterloo.
Views of London – drink in the views from the balconies, taking in the many sights of the surrounding area of London, including the Queen’s back garden, the Royal Parks and the Houses of Parliament.
Large bronze sculpture – admire the large bronze sculpture that sits imposingly atop the arch, depicting the Angel of Peace, on the four-horse chariot of war. The statue atop the arch—The Quadriga—is the largest bronze statue in Europe.

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Take a look inside Edward III's original medieval treasury, the Jewel Tower, overlooking the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.

Visit the Jewel Tower with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Entry to the 700-year-old tower.
Three floors of stunning exhibition space.
Your pass gives you access to dozens more of the city's top attractions, so make sure to check them out!
Commissioned by Edward III around 1365, Jewel Tower was originally built to house the King’s personal treasures – hence the name – and had a moat dug around it for extra protection. It was also known as the King’s Privy Wardrobe.
Located right across the road from the Houses Of Parliament, the Jewel Tower is right in the middle of one of the key tourist locations with Westminster Abbey and Big Ben both only minutes away by foot.

You can explore 3 floors of fantastic exhibitions showcasing artifacts, paintings, and much more. The tower remains virtually unaltered today and is one of the only two complete buildings remaining from the medieval Palace Of Westminster, the other being Westminster Hall.
Westminster precious objects – marvel at the model of the 'lost' medieval palace of Westminster and replicas of precious objects.
14th-century ceiling
– ornate ceiling carvings dating from the 14th century.
Weights and measures display – the History of Weights and Measures display.

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Discover the Hampstead home of Romantic poet John Keats, where he composed many of his most famous works.

Visit Keats House with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
See beautifully restored rooms and exhibits relating to Keats’ life.
Stroll through the pretty garden that inspired several of Keats’ poems.

Formerly Wentworth Place and the home of John Keats between 1818 and 1820, Keats House is now a museum dedicated to the poet’s life and works.
Wentworth Place is a charming 19th-century villa set on the edge of Hampstead Heath. Keats enjoyed something of a purple patch during the two years he lived here with his friend Charles Brown, inspired by the garden with its peaceful orchard and also, no doubt, by the beautiful young woman who lived next door. It’s here that Keats composed Ode to a Nightingale, Ode on Melancholy and Ode on a Grecian Urn.

That woman next door was Fanny Brawne, with whom Keats entered into a doomed relationship, beginning with their informal engagement in June 1819 and ending with his premature death from tuberculosis in Rome in 1821, at just 25 years old.
Throughout Keats House’s charmingly restored rooms, a number of exhibits provide insight into the life and loves of Keats, including the engagement ring he gave to Fanny Brawne and a copy of his death mask depicting the poet as he looked at the time of his death.
You can look around the museum independently, or contact Keats House direct on 02073 323868 to ask about joining one of their tours. These are run by volunteer guides loaded with facts and anecdotes about Keats and his time here at Wentworth Place.

Keats House highlights

Engagement ring - see the ring Keats gave to his beloved Fanny Brawne on the occasion of their unofficial engagement
Paradise Lost - Keats' annotated volume of Milton's Paradise Lost is among the exhibits on display
The garden - visit the peaceful garden where Keats is said to have composed Ode to a Nightingale beneath a plum tree

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Take a stroll around London’s oldest botanical garden and explore its diverse collection of over 5,000 plants.

Visit Chelsea Physic Garden with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Explore four acres of beautifully maintained gardens, including the 18th-century Pond Rockery, Garden of Edible Plants and World Woodland Walk.
Check out the historic glasshouses with their exotic plants from the Americas and Pacific Islands.
There’s a cute café serving breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as a selection of cakes and refreshments throughout the day.

Set on the banks of the Thames, Chelsea Physic Garden was established by The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries in 1673 for research into medicinal plants.
The garden’s location was originally selected for proximity to the river and its warm air currents. The resulting microclimate means it can cultivate plants that rarely thrive outdoors in the UK, such as the UK’s largest fruiting olive tree. During the long hot summer of 1976, it yielded a record-breaking 7lb crop!
Take a look inside the beautiful glasshouses for exotic species including cacao, coffee and cotton plants. The glasshouses have a long tradition in the gardens, having been used to cultivate warm-climate plants here for over 300 years. The current hothouses are over a century old.
At the center of the garden, bustling with Mediterranean, alpine and aquatic plants, the tranquil Pond Rockery is a Grade II-listed structure that – at 250 years old – is thought to be the oldest rock garden in Europe.

Find out about the types of plants you can eat (and the ones that might kill you!) in the gardens of edible, useful and medicinal plants and enjoy a peaceful stroll through the wonderful World Woodland Garden. This enchanted forest focuses on medicinal and useful plants from North America, Europe and East Asia.

Chelsea Physic Garden highlights

The Pond Rockery - this oasis in the heart of the garden features clam shells collected on a voyage that plant hunter Joseph Banks took to Tahiti with Captain Cook
The Glasshouses - step inside the garden’s century-old hothouses to explore exotic species of plants from warmer climes
World Woodland Walk - a haven of biodiversity, this tranquil mini forest contains woodland plants from around the globe

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A nostalgic journey through 200 years of consumer culture. The Museum of Brands was established in 1984 and takes visitors on a nostalgic journey through 200 years of social change, consumer culture and lifestyle.

Visit The Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Entry to the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising.
The chance to learn about the world of branding and advertising.

The collection comprises over half a million items concentrating on those areas that have transformed daily life – entertainment, travel, leisure, music, fashion and children’s toys, plus postcards, magazines, wartime ephemera and royal souvenirs. It represents a vast social history, providing evidence of the dynamic evolution in our consumer lifestyle, along with the way that technology has enabled change and progress. The story is told through the visual medium of design, graphics and commercial art.
Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising Highlights

The Time Tunnel - Explore the evolution of iconic brands from a historical context at this fascinating exhibition.
The TV Room - Head here to see old television advertisements. It's an interesting look at how this medium has changed over time.

Museum of Brands Special Events and Temporary Exhibitions

Find about about workshops and education
Discover current exhibitions

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Discover the former London home of Benjamin Franklin, a Founding Father of the United States, who lived here in the run-up to the American Revolution.

Take a Benjamin Franklin House - Historical Tour with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Take a tour of the last remaining former home of Benjamin Franklin, a Founding Father of the United States of America.
Explore the Georgian features of the house, along with personal artefacts from its most famous inhabitant.

Join this fantastic and informative guided tour and you'll discover a stunning home with many original features and a number of artefacts relating to its most famous inhabitant, Benjamin Franklin.
The Historical Experience presents the excitement and uncertainty of Franklin’s London years. You'll explore the rooms where so much took place, set up as staging for a drama that seamlessly integrates live performance, cutting edge lighting, sound and visual projection.

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This fun museum has over 6,000 original artworks charting the history of the British cartoon.

Visit the Cartoon Museum with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
View exhibitions drawn from the museum’s 6,000-strong collection of artworks.
Discover the museum’s extensive library of over 8,000 comics and books.

Funny cartoons, satirical cartoons, comic strips and caricatures: there’s plenty to entertain at this small museum in London’s Fitzrovia.
The collection of over 6,000 pieces explores the place of cartoon and comic artwork through British history, from the 1750s to the present day.
You'll see classic wartime cartoons, as well as familiar faces from beloved British children’s comics including The Beano and The Dandy. A number of caricatures lampoon celebrities, politicians and heads of state: The Queen at the Queen Vic by political cartoonist Wally Fawkes (aka Trog) depicts The Queen pulling pints behind a bar.

As well as its permanent collection, the museum also hosts temporary exhibitions showcasing specific comics or artists. Previous shows have focused on publications including Viz and the 2000 AD Judge Dredd comics, as well as cartoons by the likes of Ronald Searle and Martin Rowson.

Cartoon Museum highlights

The Queen at the Queen Vic - don’t miss this famous caricature by political cartoonist Trog
Amy Winehouse - Nicola Jennings’ caricature captures the late singer shortly after her 2007 Brit Award win
Comics and graphic novels - see the best of The Beano, The Watchmen, V for Vendetta and more

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Explore the vast collection of sculptures, portraits, furniture and other artifacts that tell the story of London’s Foundling Hospital.

Visit the Foundling Museum with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
The museum recounts the history of the Foundling Hospital through a collection that includes paintings by major 18th-century artists, such as Hogarth and Gainsborough.
Your pass gets you to access all exhibitions, musical performances, workshops and lectures that are included in general admission.
Pass holders can also purchase the Foundling Guidebook for £3 instead of the usual £6.95.

The Foundling Hospital was the first children’s charity in the UK and directly contributed to housing over 25,000 children between its inception in 1739 and closure in the mid-20th Century.
This home for abandoned children counted portrait painter William Hogarth among its founding governors. Hogarth was instrumental in raising the hospital’s profile, donating some of his own paintings and encouraging fellow high-profile artists including Francis Hayman and Thomas Gainsborough to do the same.

You can view the museum’s extensive gallery of portraits by these and other artists, as well as contemporary works by Grayson Perry, Yinka Shonibare, Tracey Emin and more.
The collection also includes an impressive bust of composer Handel, by French sculptor Louis-François Roubiliac. Handel himself held a benefit concert in the chapel of the Foundling Hospital in 1749, performing the specially composed piece Foundling Hospital Anthem, which included a chorus from his Messiah oratorio. In later years, he also directed annual performances of Messiah at the hospital. The museum’s extensive collection of Handel-related items includes sound recordings, concert tickets, and his will bequeathing the full Messiah score to the hospital.
Some of the museum’s most moving artifacts, however, are the identifying tokens left by mothers with their babies in the hospital’s early years. These tiny personal objects include trinkets, thimbles and customized coins, ribbons and rings.
The Foundling Museum is located opposite Brunswick Square, close to the Foundling Hospital’s original site and Coram’s Fields, named in honor of hospital founder Thomas Coram, and one of the largest children’s parks in London.

The Foundling Museum highlights

Court Room - this elaborately decorated room has a fine Rococo ceiling and works of art by leading British artists of the 18th Century, including Hogarth, Hayman and Gainsborough
Tokens - small identifying items left by mothers with their babies in the 18th Century, including rings, thimbles and other tiny keepsakes
Handel’s Messiah - the museum has an extensive Handel collection, including his signed will from 1750, which bequeathed the full score of his most famous work to the hospital.
Pass perk - you can purchase the Foundling Guidebook for the special reduced price of £3

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Get up close to the world-famous Changing of the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

Enjoy a Changing of the Guard Walking Tour with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Watch the Changing of the Guard from the best spot around.
You'll even march alongside the guards!

Avoid the crowds on this spectacular walking tour and snap the best photos of the changeover of the Royal Guard.

Watch the Royal Guards and Household Cavalry march towards Buckingham Palace as your local guide tells you everything there is to know about the Changing of the Guard ceremony. It's one of the most inspiring British events so be prepared to witness it in all its glorious pomp and pageantry.
Your experienced and knowledgeable guide will talk you through the ceremony, so you're sure to know what's going on at each stage and they'll give you an insight into the history of this memorable parade. Along the way, you'll get clued up on all the significant buildings in the area so you're sure to leave with everything you need to know!

Finish the tour by taking a stroll down to Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament.

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Visit centuries-old London pubs once frequented by historical figures like Charles Dickens, Oliver Cromwell and Arthur Conan Doyle.

Enjoy a walking tour of historic London pubs with zooFamily

This tour of some of London’s most storied pubs is included with your pass.
Explore London’s legendary pub culture and visit pubs that date back centuries!
Your London pass also includes dozens of other top attractions, tours and experiences, all for one money-saving price.

About this experience

Ever fancied having a drink with Charles Dickens or Arthur Conan Doyle? Well, we can’t quite promise you that, but this tour of London’s oldest and most historic pubs is easily the next best thing.

From your starting point outside the famous Ritz hotel on Piccadilly, you’ll wander hidden alleyways with your expert guide, in search of some of London’s best and oldest pubs and ale houses, some dating back more than 400 years.

Expect cozy nooks, crooked doorways, beamed ceilings and all manner of other quirks in these grand dames of London’s pub culture. These are the places where writers, politicians and even royals have congregated down the years. Soak up the history as you sample fine ales (at your own expense) from local breweries in these atmospheric surroundings.

Why choose zooFamily?  

Customers save money on sightseeing with our pass vs. buying regular walk-up tickets.
Our app makes sightseeing easy – your pass, plus all the info you’ll need is right there in the palm of your hand.  
No need to worry about buying tickets on the day, this walking tour of historic London pubs is included with your pass.

Historic Pub Tour of London highlights 

Four pubs – the tour calls at four historic pubs, some dating back more than 400 years.
Expert guide – your guide will regale you with tales and anecdotes of each pub’s history, as well as the influential figures who frequented them.
Local beers and ales – there will be a chance to sample the wares in each pub along the way (drinks are at your own expense).
zooFamily is the best choice for maximum savings and flexibility when sightseeing in London. Your pass includes this walking tour of historic London pubs, plus admission to dozens more top London attractions.

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Check out the permanent home of one of London's most sold-out pop-up sensations.

Visit The Chocolate Cocktail Club with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Includes one Chocotini (their signature cocktail!) and entry to the bar.
This attraction is not available to passholders on Saturdays.
The Chocolate Cocktail Club is an over-18s venue, anyone under the age of 18 won't be allowed in.

Enjoy the first and only chocolate bar in the UK and treat yourself to a tempting chocolatey tipple.
The Chocolate Cocktail Club has become a much-talked-about London location, known for serving delicious twists on classic cocktails, with a selection of over 20 chocolatey creations, as well as chocolate beers, wine, G&Ts and chocolate shots.

The menu features a variety of creative cocktails from the intensely creamy to the cool and refreshing, and each one is garnished with a tasty treat for your taste buds. You'll enjoy a free Chocotini with your pass, and then you're welcome to sample the rest of their exciting menu if you wish.
There's a flavour for everyone whether you like mint, mocha, salted caramel or shamazing strawberry there's something to get your mouth watering at The Chocolate Cocktail Club.

Please note: the Chocolate Cocktail Club is an over 18s venue.

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Pick up a complimentary guidebook when you visit the Guildhall Art Gallery with zooFamily!

Enjoy the Guildhall Art Gallery with zooFamily

With your pass, you'll receive a complimentary guidebook worth £6.
Explore this wonderful art collection in one of the city's most historic buildings.

With works dating from 1670 to the present, including 17th-century portraits and Pre-Raphaelite masterpieces, this is a must-visit for culture vultures. The gallery's focus is to collect art that is relevant for the capital, be it through the subject or the artist themselves.

You also won't want to miss seeing the remains of London’s Roman Amphitheatre, which is located beneath the museum, offering a fascinating insight into the bloody and barbaric theatre of Roman London.

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Household Cavalry Museum is unlike any other military museum because it offers a unique ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at the work that goes into the ceremonial duties and operational role of The Household Cavalry.

Visit the Household Cavalry Museum with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Admission to the Museum where you'll read personal stories, experience interactive displays and view stunning rare objects.
See troopers working with horses in the original 18th-century stables and hear first-hand accounts of their rigorous training.
Witness the Changing of The Queen's Life Guard on Horse Guards Parade outside the Museum.

The Household Cavalry Museum located at the Horse Guards in Whitehall is one of the most historic buildings in the city. Dating back to 1750 and the building is still the headquarters of the Household Division ("Household Troops"). Here the Queen's Life Guard (as part of the Household Cavalry) performs the daily ceremonial Changing of the Guard, which has remained essentially unchanged for over 350 years.

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Roll up, roll up for a lavish bowling experience at All Star Lanes - Brick Lane.

Visit All Star Lanes with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Get 20% off any food and drink you order.
Enjoy luxe bowling along with some good food and some good cocktails.

No more does bowling mean disappointing hotdogs and warm beers at All Star Lanes in the heart of London's Brick Lane. Enjoy the deluxe bowling lanes, bar and lounge area and restaurant, all with 20% off great food, classic cocktails and crisp beers.

Stacked burgers, buttermilk chicken and a host of all-American classics feature on the menu at the Lanes Kitchen restaurant.

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London's Florence Nightingale Museum explores the life and legacy of one of Victorian Britain's most famous women.

Visit The Florence Nightingale Museum with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Florence Nightingale's personal letters and nursing equipment.
Interactive displays featuring film, photographs and stories from key historical figures.

This museum celebrates the extraordinary life of Florence Nightingale, the British nurse and social reformer, famed for her work in formalising nursing education, establishing the first professional nursing school, and for her service as head nurse during the Crimean War.

The museum explores her life and how her work has shaped modern nursing practices.

Delve deeper into Florence Nightingale’s legacy with a 2.5-hour walking tour. The tour takes visitors around various London locations where Florence helped shape history. The tour begins at the corner of Park Lane and ends at the Florence Nightingale Museum.

For additional information on tour dates and booking, please visit the official attraction page.

Did you know

Florence Nightingale was born in Florence, Italy and was named after the city
She was the first woman to be elected to the Royal Statistical Society
In 1908, Nightingale was awarded the Freedom of the City of London
Nightingale was fluent in English, French, German and Italian

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Discover mind-blowing exhibitions at the Science Museum, and enjoy an immersive movie experience in the state-of-the-art IMAX cinema.

Visit the Science Museum with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Your pass includes access to a 3D movie in the IMAX cinema.
Explore the rest of the museum’s amazing exhibits and get hands-on in the interactive zones.
Pass holders enjoy 10% off purchases of £10 or more in the Science Museum Shop and a 10% discount in the cafés and restaurants.

Robots, space suits, steam turbines and early computers are just some of the marvels on display in this extraordinary museum of human achievement and ingenuity.
Visit the Energy Zone to see huge steam engines, including the oldest surviving James Watt beam engine, Old Bess, which dates to the 18th Century. The Apollo 10 lunar command module, the very first Apple computer and Crick and Watson’s DNA double helix are among the highlights in the Making the Modern World gallery, while the Flight zone features a cross-section of a Boeing 747 and pioneering aviator Amy Johnson's Gipsy Moth, the plane in which she became the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia in 1930.

It’s easy to see why the Science Museum is one of London’s top attractions. There are dozens more things to see and do here across several different zones, including stacks of interactive areas.
Wonderlab has over 50 exhibits that explore the incredible in the everyday. Here you can see live demonstrations, ride on a giant rotating model of our solar system, make lightning strike and experience opposing forces on a massive friction slide. For information on current exhibitions and to book tickets for Wonderlab (charges apply) check out the official attraction website.

Your pass gets you into the futuristic IMAX cinema, which boasts an enormous screen and cutting-edge immersive technology with 10 times the image and sound quality of normal cinemas. Prepare to have your mind blown by recently released blockbusters, eye-popping educational films and classic movies.

Science Museum highlights

IMAX cinema - enjoy a fully immersive movie experience in this incredible state-of-the-art cinema
Amazing exhibits - see giant steam turbines, the Apollo 10 lunar command module, Amy Johnson’s Gipsy Moth plane and much more
Bonus perks - pass holders enjoy 10% off in the Science Museum cafés and restaurants and 10% off purchases of £10 or more in the huge shop

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Explore one of London’s most iconic structures. Tower Bridge is an unmissable site that should be top of your city itinerary.

Visit Tower Bridge with zooFamily®

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Access to the Glass Walkway.
Entry to the Victorian Engine rooms and exhibitions.

Tower Bridge is one of the finest and most recognizable bridges in the world. The commanding gothic towers have stood over the River Thames since 1894, becoming one of the most symbolic landmarks of the city. Discover the history of the bridge, learn about the stages of its construction and discover the stories attached to its uniquely distinctive design. You can head to the top of one of the bridge towers to enjoy panoramic views of the city too, from the Tower of London and HMS Belfast to St Paul’s Cathedral, the Millennium Bridge and much more.

Once you've taken in the incredible view, explore fascinating exhibits featuring the Great Bridges of the World, as well as animated and digital displays outlining the history of the bridge and why it was built. It's an exciting place for anyone interested in history, architecture, and engineering.

Tower Bridge Highlights

Glass Walkway – brave this nerve-wracking experience 138ft above the river and you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view of passing boats and pedestrians right beneath your feet.
Victorian Engine Rooms – descend into the heart of the bridge and discover the coal-driven steam engines that once powered the bridge as well as a multi-sensory exhibition taking you through the development of technology throughout the years.
Audio Guide – unlock the Bridge's history with their bespoke audio guide. Download the Smartify app to hear expert commentary from the team, and to access exclusive imagery and rarely-seen photographs.

Did You Know

Tower Bridge was officially opened on 30 June 1894.
A design contest was held to choose the Tower Bridge design with over 50 designs submitted.
Tower Bridge was originally painted brown. It was painted in the red, white and blue colours we see today in 1977, in celebration of Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee.
The two towers are each 213 ft (65m) tall.
The walkways between the towers were closed in 1910 due to a bad reputation as a haunt for prostitutes and pickpockets as they were only accessible by stairs and seldom used by pedestrians. The walkway was reopened in 1982 as part of the Tower Bridge exhibition.

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Explore the former home of literary giant Charles Dickens, prolific author of Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, Bleak House and more.

Visit the Charles Dickens Museum with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Step inside Dickens’ Victorian family home on Doughty Street, where some of his best-loved novels were written.
Browse thousands of Dickens-related items, from early manuscripts to personal keepsakes.
You’ll also enjoy access to seasonal exhibitions and events as part of your admission.
Discover the most comprehensive collection of Dickens-related materials on the planet.

Boasting a collection of over 100,000 items, including furniture, artworks, photographs, letters, early editions and other personal effects, this museum is a must-visit for fans of Dickens’ work.
Explore rooms dressed with authentic Victorian tableware, portraits, ornaments and paintings, and take a peek inside the family bedchambers and servants’ quarters.

Visit Dickens’ study, where novels including Nicholas Nickleby and The Pickwick Papers were written by candlelight and see his famous red reading desk – designed by the great man himself – from where he performed sections of his novels to rapt audiences around the world.
Other not-to-be-missed treasures on display at the museum include Dickens’ wife Catherine’s engagement ring, handwritten drafts of the novels written at the house, and many sketches and portraits of the author.

Charles Dickens Museum highlights

The study - visit the very room where literary classics including Oliver Twist and The Pickwick Papers were written
Reading desk - Dickens’ iconic red desk was used as a podium for his performative readings all over the world
Café and shop - there’s a lovely little garden café for cakes and refreshments and of course a curiosity shop packed with Dickens novels and other souvenirs

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Step into the English countryside at Swingers City, and show off your best putting skills at this themed crazy golf experience.

Play nine holes of crazy golf at Swingers City with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Get competitive with your friends on a nine-hole round of crazy golf in this English countryside-themed bar.
Order street food and cocktails from the bars.
Available on your pass Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays before 5PM.

Tackle the lighthouse or windmill-themed course and impress your friends with your golfing prowess.
Swingers City recreates the English countryside inside a smart venue with five cocktail bars and four street-food vendors selling tacos, pizza, burgers and donuts.
Take up the challenge of the lighthouse course or face down the windmill course. There are lumps, bumps, ramps, bridges and blind curves galore to negotiate. Can you score a hole in one?
Swingers City is a short walk from Liverpool Street station, and you’re welcome to stay and socialize over drinks and dining once your crazy golf experience is over.

Swingers City highlights

Lighthouse course - loop the loop, cross the bridge and take on the lighthouse in the grand finale
Windmill course - try not to spin out as you negotiate ramps, doglegs and the dreaded windmill
Drink and dine - there are five cocktail bars and street food including burgers and pizza

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Hit a hole in one at Swingers West End, a quintessentially British seaside-themed crazy golf experience in central London!

Enjoy a fun round of crazy golf at Swingers West End with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Play a nine-hole round of crazy golf with your friends in this seaside-themed London bar.
You can order street food and cocktails from the bars.
Available on your pass Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays before 5PM.

Swingers West End is a fun and sociable place to get competitive with your friends.
Play on a Ferris wheel or helter-skelter themed nine-hole course in this smart venue that harks back to the faded glamor of the English Riviera in the 1920s.
Tackle the loop-the-loop, ride the helter-skelter, negotiate the Ferris wheel and putt your way over the ramps and around any number of crazy curves and blind bends. Will you hit a hole in one?
Swingers West End is just off  Oxford Circus in central London, and has a whopping four cocktail bars and street-food vendors selling pizza, tacos, burgers and donuts. You’re free to stay and socialize once your crazy golf experience is over.

Swingers West End highlights

Helter-skelter course - master the loop-the-loop and enjoy the light show as you ride the helter-skelter
Big wheel course - all the fun of the fair! Can you time your shot perfectly to beat the big wheel?
Drink and dine - there are four cocktail bars as well as street food including pizzas and tacos

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Immerse yourself in the fascinating life of world-renowned psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud at the Sigmund Freud Museum in London.

Visit The Freud Museum London with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Access to the house where Sigmund Freud lived during his final years.
The chance to view an extensive collection of his work, including over 1,600 books and 2,000 ancient artifacts.
Access to all exhibits, screenings, tours and lectures included within the museum's general admission.

This inspiring attraction is one of London’s hidden gems, dedicated to the father of psychoanalytic theory, Sigmund Freud. Through its enlightening exhibits and artifacts, you’ll learn all about his key teachings and theories while realizing their profound impact on society, culture and the human mind.
A key highlight of this museum lies in the very building that houses it – as the former home of the Freud family, this beautifully ornate mansion in Hampstead is a key pull factor itself thanks to its vintage furnishings and olde-worlde interiors. But the objects inside it are equally impressive. You’ll find a vast range of Oriental, Greek, Roman and Egyptian antiquities which Freud himself collected, along with truly unique pieces such as his gold wedding ring and numerous academic publications.

Guided tours and special exhibitions are also hosted at the venue – please see the Freud Museum website for detailed information.

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Admire the unique landscapes, iconic architecture, and a vast collection of living plants with a visit to Kew Gardens.

Visit the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
General access to the incredible gardens.
The chance to explore the Palm House, Temperate House, Treetop Walkway, and more.
Explore unique landscapes, iconic architecture, and a vast collection of living plants at London’s largest UNESCO World Heritage Site. Kew Gardens grows more flower species across its 121 hectares than any other garden in the world. It’s the world’s leading botanic garden, where rare and ancient varieties of plants make up the diverse and dynamic landscape.
Explore ten different climatic zones in the Princess of Wales Conservatory, discover over 30,000 different species of plants from tropical rainforests and temperate climates, and get up high and walk amongst the forest canopy.
You can also experience a multi-sensory exhibit at a unique installation, The Hive. This 17-metre tall, open-air structure is designed to encapsulate the story of the honeybee and the importance of pollination through sound and touch.  

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew highlights

Great Broad Walk Borders - stroll down the Broad Walk promenade as you make your way to the Palm House and take in the longest double herbaceous border in the country. Yew trees and flower beds line the Broad Walk, making it a truly spectacular sight to see.
Treetop Walkway -  200-metres long and set 18 metres above the ground, visitors can stroll among the forest canopy and explore this unique ecosystem full of bird and insect life, as well as different fungi and lichen. Please note - the Treetop Walkway closes over the winter period.
The Hive -  a unique, multi-sensory experience, this 17-metre tall aluminum structure was designed by UK-based artist Wolfgang Buttress and opened in 2016. It’s set in a wildflower meadow and explores the complex relationship between plants and pollinators by offering an immersive sound and visual experience. The lights and sounds are triggered by bee activity in a real beehive at Kew Gardens.
Palm House - One of Kew’s most recognisable buildings, the Palm House is an iconic Victorian glass and iron structure. Recreating a rainforest inside, this glasshouse supports a range of tropical plants from all around the world. It was originally built in 1844 by Richard Turner and designed to house tropical plants that Victorian explorers would bring back from their expeditions in the tropics.
Temperate House - twice the size of the Palm House, the Temperate House is the largest Victorian glasshouse in the world. It's home to temperate plants from around the world including Africa, Australia, the Americas, Asia, and the Pacific Islands.

Did You Know

Kew Gardens is home to one of the smallest police forces in the world. Since 1847, a specialised police force has been responsible for on-site security and nowadays comprises of two sergeants, 12 officers, and one marked car.
The world's oldest pot plant, an ancient Jurassic cycad palm from the early 1770s, lives in Kew's Palm House.

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A celebration of the British garden, The Garden Museum explore the history of one of the nation's favourite pastimes.

Visit The Garden Museum with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Learn about British gardens and gardening.
Enjoy the tranquil surrounds of the Garden Café.

Explore The Garden Museum's permanent collection of artefacts, historical gardening tools, botanical art, photography, and paintings. You'll learn all about some of history's great gardeners, as well as the history and design of British gardens and their place in our lives today.

Exhibitions, events, and community projects delve into art, architecture, plant science, food, sustainability, well-being and more, all through the lens of gardening.

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This elegant, redbrick Georgian villa on the edge of Greenwich Park houses a sumptuous art collection and also features the Meridian Line passing through its grounds.

Visit The Wernher Collection at Ranger’s House with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Peruse hundreds of historic pieces collected from all over the world.
Get a glimpse of the lavish lifestyles of one of 19th-century Britain’s wealthiest men.
Your Go London pass gives you access to dozens more of the city's top attractions, so make sure to check them out!

The Wernher Collection at Ranger’s House showcases an extraordinary set of medieval, Renaissance and early modern artworks, unique wood carvings, religious statues, Gothic ivories and handcrafted furniture.
The 700-piece collection was amassed by 19th-century diamond magnate Sir Julius Wernher. Born in Darmstadt, Germany in 1850, he moved to London in his early 20s and later ventured to the newly discovered diamond mines in Kimberley, South Africa, where he developed a fortune that made him one of Britain’s wealthiest men at the time.

Wernher’s immense wealth allowed him to invest heavily in art, perhaps his primary passion. He was a fan of ‘splendidly ugly’ artworks, primarily smaller ivories, metalworks, wood carvings, and enamels from the Renaissance and medieval periods. These unique pieces often portrayed unusual subject matter and are richly - or garishly - embellished and decorative.
English Heritage acquired Ranger’s House—the former abode of the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, and later the home of Greenwich Park rangers (groundskeepers)—in 1986. A decade later, they worked with the Wernher Foundation to bring Julius Werner’s collection to Ranger’s House and saved it from being sold off to individual collectors and institutions.

The Wernher Collection highlights

Diverse collection of art – a diverse collection of medieval, Renaissance, and early modern European art - one of the finest to be assembled by a sole collector.
How art developed in Europe – learn through the collection how art developed in Europe, as objects once admired only for their religious meanings and devotional uses came to be adored for their aesthetic beauty.
History of the collector – chart the history of the collector himself, learning about his life, work, and passions.
Ranger’s House – discover more about the historic Ranger’s House and those who called it home throughout its history.

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See some of London's most iconic music spots on one of three walking tours with Brit Music Tours.

Take a Brit Music Tour with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Choose between several incredible tours, led by expert guides.
Discover the relationship between music, musicians, and London.

Focusing on some of the music industry's most iconic characters and the incredible London music scene itself, a Brit Music Tour will introduce you to the places that influenced the likes of David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Queen and The Beatles.
You'll explore London with the help of an expert guide who knows a thing or two about this city's legendary rock 'n' roll history.

Choose between one of these tours

Beatles London Walking Tour of Soho and Mayfair: they may have hailed from Liverpool, but in London, The Beatles solidified themselves as global stars. On this 2 hour walking tour, you’ll get a chance to see the legendary venues they played, THAT rooftop where they played their last live performance, and many other legendary spots which are connected to John, Paul, George, and Ringo.
Beatles London Walking Tour of Marylebone and Abbey Road: On this 2.5 hour walking tour recreate the Abbey Road album front cover, see film locations from Help! and a Hard Days Night, see their former homes and more.
David Bowie London Tour: from his Brixton roots to his Soho hangouts, this walking tour will explore one of British music’s most beloved singers.
Queen London Walking Tour
: explore the Kensington area and see where the band was formed, where they lived and where they played.
Rock and Roll London Walking Tour: with the help of an expert guide, discover the history of rock and roll in London by exploring the places where the likes of The Beatles, The Sex Pistols, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and many others played, recorded and partied.
Sex Pistols Walking Tour: learn all about one of the the UK's most famous and controversial punk bands.

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Take an expert-led tour of some of the most iconic spots in the capital that appear in well-beloved legends and tales

Take a Brit Icon Tour with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Choose from seven awesome tours led by an expert guide.
See the city and learn about the tales inspired by famous writers and their characters.
Some places you’ll see were even used as film locations.
Your pass gives you access to dozens more of the city's top attractions, so make sure to check them out!
Specialising in tours based around iconic British figures, Brit Icon Tours delivers unparalleled ways of getting to know London and the characters that we know you love who hail from the city.

These exciting and informative tours celebrate some of London’s most famous people and places and are delivered by expert local guides for a totally authentic experience.
So whether you’re fascinated by the capital’s writers, its murky past, or its epic film locations, there’s guaranteed to be something for you.

Choose ONE of these fantastic tours:

Agatha Christie Tour
Known as the Queen of Crime, Dame Agatha Christie is the best-selling novelist of all time with over 2 billion copies of her books sold around the world.
Starting at Euston Square and finishing at Green Park, this 2.5-hour walking tour explores locations that inspired her and places which Christie herself visited. You will explore Mayfair, Chinatown, Theatreland, and Bloomsbury and more.

Charles Dickens Tour
Welcome to Dickensian London! This tour starts from Borough tube station, right by a prison that Dickens features in his writings. Along the river, you will pass the locations of coaching inns that feature in The Pickwick Papers.
What’s more, part of the tour involves a pleasant stroll along the Southbank, where you can find out about Pip in Great Expectations and how he practiced rowing along this stretch of the River.

Jack the Ripper Tour
Jack the Ripper, who lurked in the shadows of the Victorian Alleyways in Whitechapel over 125 years ago and whose murders still haunt the people of London to this day.
On this spooky tour, you will experience a spine-tingling journey back to the Autumn of Terror in 1888 and follow the bloodstained trail of one of the world’s most infamous serial killers.

London Ghost Tour
The London Ghost Tour will take you through the alleyways and passageways of the City of London to seek out the many places where ghosts are known to lurk including locations familiar to Charles Dickens and the people who once lived in this densely populated part of London.
Learn about some of the most recent hauntings at the locations you visit and look for evidence of the paranormal as you wind your way through the City’s most haunted hotspots...

Notting Hill Tour
Notting Hill is world-famous for its annual street carnival, Portobello Road Market, the setting of the eponymous movie with Hugh Grant and Julie Roberts, and much much more.
On the tour, you’ll get the inside track from your expert local guide on places of interest from famous Notting Hill film locations used in the area such as the ‘Blue Door’ and the travel bookshop, to celebrity homes, trendy restaurants, cool bars, quiet mews and much more.

Shakespeare London Walk
Learn all there is to know about William Shakespeare – one of the most famous names associated with English literature.
During this 2-hour walking tour through the ancient City of London, your expert guide and actor will highlight the nooks and crannies of Tudor and Medieval London that Shakespeare would have been familiar with.

Serial Killers: The Blood & Tears London Walk
Uncover London's dark side. You'll visit parts of the city you might not normally visit and trace the footsteps of an unsavoury collection of local and visiting serial killers. A must-see for fans of true crime.
During this 2-hour walking tour through the City of London, your expert guide and author will tell you all the grim stories of hideous and heart-breaking crimes.

Please note: all tours are currently conducted in English only.

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Discover the royal working stables and British monarchy's grand collection of coaches and luxury cars.

Enjoy access to the Royal Mews with zooFamily

Pay nothing at the door – simply show your pass.
See the Gold State Coach, the grandest coach at the Royal Mews, first-hand.
Explore the home to historic royal carriages and one of the finest working stables in existence.
The Royal Mews is one of the finest working stables anywhere in the world and home to the royal collection of historic coaches and carriages, and the Windsor Greys and Cleveland Bays, the horses that pull the carriages. To this day, the stables are still responsible for all road travel arrangements for His Majesty The King and other members of the Royal Family.

History of the Royal Mews

The Royal Mews has been the location of the sovereign's road transport since 1760 when George III moved his carriage collection closer to his new home at Buckingham Palace. Since then, it has been updated by several monarchs in keeping with their changing transport needs.
Among the historic coaches and carriages on display are the spectacular Diamond Jubilee State Coach, and the Australian State Coach, which was given to Queen Elizabeth II as a gift from the Australian people. The most dazzling of all is the Gold State Coach, however, which has been used at every coronation since that of George IV in 1821, and which played a central role in the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June 2022.

The Royal Mews highlights

Marvel at the regal beauty of the Royal horses.
See The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee coach and try out a royal carriage for yourself.
Discover the livery worn by His Majesty the King’s coachmen and dress up in bespoke livery in the State Stables.

The Royal Mews facts

The Windsor Grey horses, used to pull the royal carriages, are so-called because they were kept at Windsor during Queen Victoria’s reign.
Cleveland Bays, another type of horse used to pull the carriages, are one of the oldest breeds of horses in the UK.
The Royal stables were originally located in Charing Cross, where the National Gallery is today.
Queen Victoria took full advantage of the ample space at the Royal Mews. She kept up to 200 horses there at one point and also set up a school for the children of its employees.
The Gold State Coach weighs almost four tonnes and needs eight horses to draw it. It never moves faster than walking speed.

For more events, please visit the the Royal Mews website.

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Take a cruise along Regent’s Canal, from Little Venice to Camden Lock, passing London Zoo and going through the Maida Hill Tunnel along the route.

Take to the water on Jason’s original canal boat trip with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Includes a 45-minute one-way journey from Little Venice to Camden Lock, or vice versa.
Enjoy an entertaining live commentary along the route from Little Venice to Camden (the Camden-to-Little Venice route is commentary-free).

This pleasant meander along Regent’s Canal is a great way to see this picturesque part of London.
‘Jason’ is an authentic century-old canal boat, originally used to transport cargo until – in the mid-20th Century – Regent’s Canal began its metamorphosis into a popular tourist destination lined with cute waterside cafés and colorful narrowboat homes.

Newly kitted out with a diesel engine, in 1951 Jason took his maiden voyage as a passenger vessel – the first pleasure boat here to do this – and has been ferrying happy tourists from Little Venice to Camden (and back) ever since.
Starting from Little Venice, you’ll chug across beautiful Browning’s Pool, named after the poet Robert Browning who lived on nearby Warwick Crescent in the 1870s. See if you can spot any swans or geese nesting among the weeping willows on the island as you exit the lagoon and pass along leafy, tree-lined Maida Avenue with its grand regency townhouses.
Constructed over 200 years ago, and nearly 250 meters in length, the Maida Hill Tunnel is a marvel of Georgian engineering. As you pass through the tunnel and emerge blinking back into the daylight, the unexpected sound of roaring lions and shrieking gibbons heralds your approach to London Zoo. Take in views of Lord Snowdon's Aviary and look out for the white stucco-clad Georgian mansions designed and built around Regent’s Park by John Nash.

You’ll disembark at Camden Lock, from where it’s a short stroll to the famous Camden Market. Here, in the colorful maze of shops and stalls you’ll discover a vast array of street food options from around the world, plus clothes, vinyl records, fashion accessories and all manner of other assorted knick-knacks for sale.

Jason’s original canal boat trip highlights

Little Venice - see brightly-painted barges and narrowboats bob around Browning’s Pool, where Regent’s Canal meets the Grand Union Canal
Maida Hill Tunnel - you’ll pass through this 250-meter tunnel that was built in 1816
Regent’s Park and London Zoo - listen out for the zoo’s noisiest residents as you cruise along this scenic stretch by Regent’s Park
Camden - the market here is a real feast for the senses, and a fab place to pick up some street food if you’re feeling hungry

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Movie buffs rejoice! These fantastic walking tours give you behind the scenes access to sets and the striking landmarks that have featured in some of the biggest British blockbusters and TV shows.

Take a Brit Movie Tour with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Choose from over 10 available tours with your pass.
Whether it's Harry Potter, Dr Who, or James Bond, there's bound to be a walk for you.
Walk a mile in your favourite character's worlds with these walking tours; a great excuse to stretch your legs and see the best parts of the city.

Brit Movie Tours highlights

Harry Potter Walking Tour of London – the magical world of wizardry awaits on a Harry Potter Walking Tour of London! Thanks to your guide learned in the muggle and wizarding world, you'll get to see lots of locations from the Harry Potter movies, like the Ministry of Magic and the Leaky Cauldron, and learn lots of amazing facts about the books too.

You will also see iconic London landmarks like the Tate Modern, Millenium Bridge, and St Paul's Cathedral. And while you won't visit Platform 9 3/4, your guide can tell you how to get there from the end of the tour.
Sherlock Holmes Walking Tour of London – don your best investigator's hat, whip out your magnifying glass, and prepare yourself for a detective jaunt through London on the Sherlock Holmes Walking Tour. Would-be detectives will explore real sites that inspired Arthur Conan Doyle's stories, as well as locations that have featured in many different Sherlock Holmes adaptations on the big and smaller screen.
You'll meet your tour guide at the very spot Holmes and Watson first met, and then be taken around a multitude of locations like clubs and hotels that featured in the books. And of course, you'll have lots of opportunities for photos throughout.
James Bond Walking Tour of London – step into the world of James Bond and discover where some of his screen adventures have taken place.
This 2 1/2 hour walking tour through Westminster explores more than 15 filming locations from the 007 movies including London's oldest restaurant, Mi6, the HQ of Universal Exports, sites from the latest movie No Time to Die, and much more.
Paddington Bear Tour of London – the bear from Peru is famous the world over and now you can follow in his pawsteps on the only OFFICIAL walking tour of Paddington locations.
Bridget Jones Walking Tour –this walking tour takes in the life and loves of everyone’s favourite singleton Bridget Jones. Featuring locations used in all three films, the tour includes trivia about the films and actors.
Downton Abbey Walking Tour – see the exterior of Grantham House and visit locations used as stand-ins for Liverpool and York. This 2.5 hour tour starts at Temple Station and ends at Green Park.
London Film Walk – take a 2-hour walk around the City of London on this exciting London Film Walk! Guided by local film buffs and enthusiasts, you will see over 30 different film locations in the City of London.
As you visit each of the locations that have featured in well-known movies, you will see how London has played host to lots of much-loved children’s characters. You’ll see where Winnie the Pooh played nap time and where Mary Poppins and the Banks children tried to save their home. You’ll hear how it was impossible to keep it a secret when the Muppets came to London and how large crowds gathered to catch a glimpse of the famous frog when Kermit bravely broke into the Tower of London! The tour takes in locations from Paddington Bear and The Minions, as well as action-packed heroes including Spiderman, The Mummy, and Men In Black: International.
Available tours:
Bridget Jones Walking Tour
Doctor Who Walking Tour of London
Downton Abbey Walking Tour
Harry Potter Walking Tour of London
Jack the Ripper Walking Tour
James Bond Walking Tour of London
Killing Eve Tour
London Film Walk
Love Actually Tour with Last Christmas, Notting Hill & Four Weddings Locations
Mary Poppins Tour
Notting Hill Tour of RomCom Locations
Paddington Bear Walking Tour
Sherlock Holmes Walking Tour of London
Superhero London Tour

For more information on each tour, visit the official Brit Movie Tours page.

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Explore one of the most stunning painted ceilings in Britain at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich.

Visit the Old Royal Naval College with zooFamily®

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
The magnificent Painted Hall, the ancient grounds of the college and the visitor centre.
The grand Chapel is housed in the eastern dome and is still an active place of worship.
A diverse range of events at the venue.

In 2020, The Old Royal Naval College was presented with a prestigious Gold in the Visit England 'Large Visitor Attraction' category of their annual tourism awards.

This beautiful attraction is steeped in over 500 years of history and features over 18 acres of magnificent grounds. As the birthplace of Elizabeth I and Henry VIII, and a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, the site has a lot of amazing features to show off about, seen most clearly in its centrepiece feature, the spectacular Painted Hall.
This opulent hand-painted room was designed by Sir Christopher Wren in the 17th century as a ceremonial dining hall and is today known as the Sistine Chapel of the UK thanks to its exquisite ceiling adorned with heavenly figures.

This baroque masterpiece has been featured in numerous Hollywood movies, from Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and The Mummy Returns to Four Weddings and a Funeral and is a key highlight of the site.

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Ascend London's ArcelorMittal Orbit for spectacular views over London and explore the Olympic Park which hosted the 2012 Olympic Games.

Visit the ArcelorMittal Orbit with zooFamily®

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Views of the Olympic tracks where world records were set–and broken–from two viewing platforms (at 76 and 80m high).
The Slide, the world's longest tunnel slide for £5.25 per person.

The Orbit is the newest addition to London’s iconic skyline; so if you’re not afraid of heights, the ‘Orbit’ is a definite must-see.
The Olympic Park covers an impressive 560 acres and hosted London’s 2012 Games with huge success. Home to the Olympic Stadium, VeloPark and Hockey and Tennis Centre, as well as the iconic Olympic rings, there are plenty of photo opportunities on the ground as well as up high.

The Orbit gets its name from its unique ‘orbital’ looping structure and is the creation of the contemporary artist Sir Anish Kapoor, engineer Cecil Balmond and the steel company, ArcelorMittal.
Standing at over 100 metres tall, the ArcelorMittal Orbit is London’s highest sculpture and provides stretching panoramas across East London and over the City, as well as a spectacular view over the vast Olympic Park.

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Grand and historic Apsley House is the former home of the first Duke of Wellington, a palatial abode with dazzling interiors, rich in treasures and famous works of art.

Enjoy a visit to Apsley House with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
View the stunning art collection belonging to the first Duke of Wellington, with many pieces gifted to him by famous European rulers.
Take in the striking interiors of the aristocratic mansion, including the State Dining Room and the grand Waterloo Gallery.
Your pass gives you access to dozens more of the city's top attractions, so make sure to check them out!

Welcome to Apsley House, the London home of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, famed for defeating Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo.
The grand house today serves as a museum dedicated to the man and his accomplishments, with the wonderfully maintained mansion showcasing his extensive collection of fine art, a wealth of memorabilia from his military campaigns and political career.

The museum also displays objects belonging to the duke, including clothing, medals, and weapons, telling the story of the Duke of Wellington, one of the most celebrated military leaders and statesmen of the 19th Century.


Nude statue of Napoleon – the colossal nude statue of Napoleon by Canova dominates the Stairwell at the centre of the house and had to be reinforced to bear its formidable weight. Napoleon as Mars the Peacemaker - bizarrely, the Duke of Wellington had a colossal nude statue of his great foe Napoleon in his house, presenting Napoleon in the form of Roman god Mars.
Napoleon's background – discover more about his victories, private life, tastes and legacy as you take a self-guided, multimedia-enriched tour of his London home.
Art collection – take in the grand home’s fabulous art collection, including works by Rubens, Goya, Titian and Velazquez, many gifted to the Duke of Wellington by King Ferdinand of Spain.
Iron Duke Gallery – the Basement Gallery, filled with memorabilia relating to the Iron Duke, includes a wealth of medals, shields and weaponry.
Interiors of Apsley House– admire the dazzling interiors of Apsley House, with furniture, statues, trinkets and rugs gifted to the military man by a whole range of emperors, tsars and monarchs from across the globe.
Duke of Wellington – the equestrian statue of the Duke of Wellington that faces Apsley House from the centre of the roundabout at Hyde Park Corner.
A little history...

Built by famed and fashionable architect Robert Adam between 1771 and 1778 Apsley House was created for Lord Chancellor Henry, 1st Baron Apsley (later 2nd Earl Bathurst) at the entrance to Hyde Park. It was known as Number 1, London because it was the first house encountered by visitors coming from the west and through Knightsbridge.
Following his momentous victory at the Battle of Waterloo, Sir Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington purchased the house.
Apsley House grew significantly under Wellington. A three-storey extension was added to the north-east, featuring the stunning State Dining Room, new bedrooms and dressing rooms. In 1828, a brand new staircase and the opulent, striking Waterloo Gallery were added to Apsley House.
Today, part of Apsley House provides a home for the current Duke of Wellington. It is London’s only aristocratic townhouse still in use today. The rest of Apsley opened as a museum in 1952. It is laid out to reflect how it looked during the time of the first Duke of Wellington’s residence.

Apsley House facts

Wellington is considered one of the greatest ever British military heroes but was in fact born in Dublin, Ireland.
There are over 90 pubs named after the Duke of Wellington in the UK.
Wellington Boots gain their names from the Duke of Wellington. He wore multipurpose, customised footwear during military campaigns, which had a lower heel and more of a lining. They started being manufactured from rubber rather than leather in 1852, but the name stuck.

Special Events

Check the Apsley House website for special events coming up.

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Discover one of the world's greatest gardens and go green with envy at RHS Garden Wisley.

Visit RHS Garden Wisley with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Explore the flagship garden of the Royal Horticultural Society.
Includes entry to RHS Hilltop - the home of gardening science.

Enjoy dreamy floral displays and uncover the origins of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) in their most loved garden. 
RHS Garden Wisley has become the flagship garden of the RHS and has grown massively – over 100 gardeners, students, staff and volunteers are now needed to keep the 240-acre site in perfect condition, ready to make your visit a memorable one.

The fresh and ever-changing planting schemes are carefully curated to be both educational and inspirational with displays designed to remain new and exciting.
RHS Garden Wisley highlights
The Glasshouse – opened by HRH Queen Elizabeth II in 2007, the Glasshouse takes you on a trip around the globe, all via the medium of plants.
RHS Hilltop –  you can hear from all types of gardening experts in free daily talks at the UK's first dedicated horticultural scientific centre.
Stop off for a snack in one of the on-site cafés or restaurants, all serving freshly prepared meals from seasonally selected menus.

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Step into The Queen’s Gallery in Buckingham Palace to explore art exhibitions from the Royal Collection in grand, opulent surroundings.

Visit The Queen’s Gallery with zooFamily®

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Changing exhibitions in The Queen’s Gallery feature paintings, sculptures, photographs, furniture and other treasures.
Explore the hundreds of works of art on display.
View a selection of the impressive collection of artworks that are held in trust for the nation by the Queen.
The Queen’s Gallery was officially opened in 2002, as part of Her Majesty’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. It features an entrance portico that pays homage to John Nash, who designed the building that stood on this site previously and which was destroyed during an air raid in 1940.
Inside, a pair of friezes symbolize Queen Elizabeth II’s long reign, and a series of relief panels depict the UK’s four patron saints.
The gallery’s richly colored walls provide a suitably opulent backdrop for huge gilded frames containing masterful paintings, as well as equally extravagant period furniture pieces, sculptures and other royal treasures.
Pop into the shop for a souvenir of your visit. You’ll find clothes, cuddly toys, mugs, jewelry and more, and the proceeds of your purchase will help contribute to the upkeep of the Royal Collection.

Current exhibition

Style & Society: Dressing the Georgians : 21st April – 8th October 2023
From stylists and influencers, to fashion press and the development of shopping as a leisure activity, the Georgians are to thank for many of the cultural trends we know today. This exciting new exhibition will give you an insight into life in the 18th century and allow you to browse 200 works from the Royal Collection by artists such as Gainsborough, Zoffany and Hogarth.
Visit the official website for information on the current exhibition.

The Queen’s Gallery highlights

Royal Collection - Explore hundreds of works of art from the collection, including paintings, sculptures, jewelry, furniture and much more.
Shop - Bag yourself a royal souvenir from the shop – there’s homeware, china, books, postcards, children’s toys and other trinkets.

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Discover the captivating history behind Britain’s iconic postal service at the Postal Museum; from its Royal origins over 500 years ago right up to the present day.

Visit The Postal Museum with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Access to fascinating exhibits that chart the history of Britain's iconic postal service.
The opportunity to discover extraordinary stories behind Mail Rail–from conception to resurrection–and the people who made it all possible.
Make the most out of your visit with an audio guide that allows you to explore the galleries in five languages.

This award-winning museum charts the story of Britain’s postal service through a range of fascinating exhibits that help you learn about its origins and evolution over time.
Get up close and personal to the sheets of the world’s first postage stamp or try your hand at sorting through mail on a train carriage. You’ll also get the chance to see a historic mail coach that delivered mail around the country in the 1800s while learning about the history of Britain’s Mail Rail and riding through its old tunnels on an authentic Mail Rail train. With over 60,000 unique objects in the museum and numerous interactive activities to keep you busy, you’ll learn everything there is to know about postal communication while having lots of fun in the process.

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Lace up your skates and take to the ice at the legendary QUEENS skating rink in west London.

Go ice-skating at QUEENS with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
You get a one-hour ice-skating session.
QUEENS is a huge entertainment venue near Notting Hill that also offers bowling, dining and arcade games.
QUEENS has been entertaining Londoners of all ages since the 1930s when it was known as the QUEENS Ice Club.

The ice rink here has legendary status: it was the first to be used for televised ice-skating on the BBC and is often used as a practice rink for contestants on Dancing On Ice.
You get an hour to strut your stuff on the ice, whether you’re performing pirouettes and jumps, or just trying to get round the rink without falling over!

There’s plenty more to do at QUEENS after your skating session. Challenge your friends to a game of bowling. Better still, book your own private VIP ‘liquor lanes’ with private bar, host and comfy velvet banquettes.
Head for the arcades to relive your lost youth playing classic video games including Mortal Kombat, Donkey Kong and Tetris.
You’re sure to have worked up an appetite after all that. The Meatliquor diner serves a mean burger, plus fried chicken, stacks of sides and an excellent selection of cocktails and craft beers.

Ice-skating at QUEENS highlights

Ice-skating - enjoy an hour on the ice at one of London’s most famous rinks
Bowling - play against friends and family and book the VIP experience for a private area with your own bar
Arcades - play classic video games including Street Fighter 2, Space Invaders and Mario Bros
Meatliquor - American diner-style food including burgers and hot dogs is paired with ace cocktails and delicious craft beers

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One of London's most recognised buildings and one of the world's most prestigious performance venues, discover the Royal Albert Hall with a guided tour.

Visit the Royal Albert Hall with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Access to the auditorium where world-famous artists have performed.
One-hour tour and insider stories from an expert guide.
See the Queen's private suites and the royal box.

Step into this Grade I listed building and one of the world's most prestigious performance venues. The Royal Albert Hall has been home to the annual BBC proms for decades, and it's hosted over 150,000 other performances.
You'll get the chance to go behind the scenes and check out areas of the venue not usually open to the public, including the Queen's private suites and the royal retiring room. Join a guided tour for an informative one-hour journey through the iconic hall and learn all about its unrivaled performance history, its tricky construction, and royal patronage. You'll also get a closer look at all the front-of-house areas, the auditorium, and the gallery.

Did You Know

During WW1 and WW2, the Royal Albert Hall was used as a landmark for war pilots thanks to its eye-catching roof. It was struck by bombs a few times but remained standing.
The striking Henry Willis organ that dominates the theatre cost £8,000.
The ceiling decorations in the Royal Albert Hall are referred to as ‘mushrooms’. These acoustic diffusers were designed to take away the dome's notorious echo.

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Located in the heart of London’s media hub and surrounded by the offices of the movie industry in the UK, the Curzon Soho is famous for being at the forefront of film in London to both the Industry and to the capital’s cinema fans.

Visit Curzon Soho with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
A film screening anytime Monday - Thursday (except bank holidays) and Friday - Sunday before 5PM, without further payment.

Infused with a heady mix of both celebrity and talent, this Soho cinema has three screens on three floors and is regularly used for industry awards evenings, private screenings and film festivals, making it a very special cinema indeed.
The bar in this London attraction is fully licensed and has a capacity of 250 people making for a relaxing drink in lavish, modern surroundings. Half the fun of going to a London cinema like this is to imagine who else from the Industry has also stood enjoying a drink before the film or to see if the stars are out when you visit.
As one of the most exclusive London movie theatres the Curzon Soho is the regular home to independent film and art-house releases, setting it apart from most other cinematic experiences in London. All the latest independent releases are screened in Dolby 5.1 surround sound on some of the largest screens in London.

London Explorer passes are the best choice for maximum savings and flexibility when sightseeing in London. Your pass includes Curzon Soho Cinema tickets, plus admission to dozens of top attractions across the city.

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One of the capital’s best-loved cinemas, the Curzon Mayfair is a grade II listed building housing two screens and boasting luxury seating and a unique atmosphere for cineastes.

Visit Curzon Mayfair with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
A film screening anytime Monday - Thursday (except bank holidays) and Friday - Sunday (plus bank holidays) before 5PM, without further payment

This renowned cinema presents up to twelve premieres a year and many other gala events, so you never know which celebrity or Royal personage last sat in your seat.
This is just one of the plush London movie theatres run by Curzon; its ample licensed bar and its selective screening policy set it apart from most London cinemas. Showing mostly art-house and independent films, the Curzon Mayfair is unique in the world of London cinema for its role in screening these films for industry and press.

If you want to relax after a hard day London sightseeing and get a real sense of London movie theatres at their best why not visit Curzon Mayfair?

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The Curzon Bloomsbury, like its well-known namesake, brings art to the masses through its notable lineup of art-house and foreign films.

Visit Curzon Bloomsbury with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
A film screening anytime Monday - Thursday (except bank holidays) and Friday - Sunday before 5PM, without further payment.

The centre point of the bustling, newly renovated Brunswick Centre in leafy Bloomsbury, the cinema offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of busy central London.
Located close to the University of London and several medical institutions, the Curzon Bloomsbury was the first British undertaking of an American organization wanting to benefit from the large number of college students, doctors and nurses walking nearby. It opened as the Bloomsbury Cinema in 1972 and has serviced movie fans off and on since then.

Today the Curzon Bloomsbury has two screens, both with a capacity of over two hundred seats, and a fully licensed bar, making it a perfect retreat in the heart of central London.
The Curzon Bloomsbury plays regular host to festivals, Sunday screenings and director Q&As, not forgetting the London Socialist Film Cooperative's screenings on the second Sunday of each month.

London Explorer passes are the best choice for maximum savings and flexibility when sightseeing in London. Your pass includes Curzon Bloomsbury tickets, plus admission to dozens of top attractions across the city.

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Discover the epic story of a sailing legend with a visit to Greenwich’s Cutty Sark, the last surviving tea clipper!

Visit the Cutty Sark with zooFamily®

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
General admission to this historical 19th Century Clipper ship.
Access to the interactive exhibits.
The chance to explore the sailors quarters and touch the hull.
Explore Greenwich’s Cutty Sark, the last surviving tea clipper in the world.
Part of the Royal Museums Greenwich, the Cutty Sark is a historic sailing ship that was once the fastest and greatest of her time. You’ll discover what life was like onboard the ship, touch a piece of world history, and learn about this striking vessel. A truly immersive experience, multi-sensory interactive displays will bring the ship to life with sights, smells and sounds of what life at sea would have been like.
The Cutty Sark was built in Scotland in 1869 and designed to carry tea from China to England in record-time. In her heyday, the ship circumnavigated the globe and visited every major port around the world. Since being preserved as a museum ship, the Cutty Sark has been raised above the ground, allowing you to walk underneath the hull while touching the original planks and iron framework.
Board the clipper and discover the sailors’ quarters and the ship’s wheel, meet famous Cutty Sark characters and learn about their incredible stories while enjoying beautiful views up and down the Thames.  Be sure to pop by the Even Keel Café, located directly underneath the ship's hull, for Cutty Sark-inspired cup of tea, Clipper Lunch or book in for an indulgent and traditional Afternoon Tea complete with scones and cakes.  

Cutty Sark Highlights

Clipper ship – restored historical 19th Century Clipper ship.
Displays – interactive and multi-sensory displays.
Sailors' quarters – explore the Sailors' quarters.
World history – touch a piece of world history underneath the ship's hull.

Did You Know

The Cutty Sark was actually a Portuguese ship for longer than it was a British cargo ship.
The original cost to build the Cutty Sark was £16,150. Its overall length is 280 feet and it has 32 sails and 11 miles of rigging. Its top speed was 17 knots, which is roughly 19 miles per hour.

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Astronomy and science come to life as you discover the past, present and future at the Royal Observatory Greenwich.
Visit The Royal Observatory Greenwich with zooFamily
With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Access to the permanent exhibitions.
Free audio guide available in English, simplified English (great for kids or those learning the language), French, German, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

See astronomy and science come to life at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. You’ll see where east meets west, discover how the seas and the stars were first mapped out by scientific pioneers, and explore the historic home of the first Astronomer Royal.
One of the most important historical scientific sites in the world, the Royal Observatory Greenwich offers an educational and entertaining visit back in time. There’s a host of things to see in this fascinating museum, learn how time was standardized, how the first telescope was made and how science and astronomy has changed through the ages. You’ll also get to explore iconic inventions such as the UK's largest refracting telescope and get hands-on with a 4.5 billion year-old asteroid.
And while you’re there, don’t forget to take in one of the best views in the city outside of the Observatory.

Royal Observatory Greenwich Highlights

Prime Meridian – Straddle the line between the East and West hemispheres of Earth at Longitude 0°.
Time and Longitude Gallery - learn about the iconic timekeepers that pioneered solving the problem of finding longitude at sea. Explore exhibits such as John Harrison's sea watch.
Flamsteed House – designed by Sir Christopher Wren, this striking red-brick building was designed as a home for the Astronomer Royal.

Did You Know

The Royal Observatory was founded in the 1670s by King Charles II to further develop better naval navigation systems.
Greenwich has been marked at 0° Longitude since 1884.
The Greenwich time ball, located on top of Flamsteed House was first used in 1833 for ships' captains to set their chronometers accurately before setting sail. The ball continues to drop at 1PM every day.
Follow this link to see the current exhibitions at the Royal Observatory Greenwich.

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This comprehensive walking tour takes in Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square and the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace!

Take a Palaces and Parliament Tour with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Your guided walking tour visits a whopping 15+ major London attractions in just three hours.
See the changing of the guard, plus Trafalgar Square, the London Eye and more.
You’ll visit several royal palaces including St James’s Palace, the Palace of Westminster and Buckingham Palace.

You’ll hear fun facts and learn about the history of the British royal family on this epic tour of Westminster.

Your tour begins with a visit to Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guard. This display of ceremonial pageantry sees the Queen’s familiar red-jacketed guards in tall bearskin hats march down The Mall to take up position at the Palace. You’ll want to have your camera at the ready for this one.
Your guide will regale you with entertaining tales and facts about the area, its characters, and the British monarchy as you continue your walk through the streets of Westminster, passing landmarks including Admiralty Arch and the London Eye.

You’ll visit Trafalgar Square, where the statue atop Nelson’s Column stands proudly gazing down Whitehall, guarded by four huge bronze lions. This huge plaza is also home to two of London’s most celebrated galleries: the National Portrait Gallery and National Gallery, where Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and many other world-famous works can be seen.
The tour visits St James’s Palace and the Palace of Westminster – better known as the iconic Houses of Parliament – where you’ll get a chance to hear the chimes of Big Ben up close. Your three-hour adventure concludes here on Parliament Square, which is also home to magnificent medieval Westminster Abbey and several grand statues of world leaders including Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln and Nelson Mandela.

Palaces and Parliament Tour highlights

Changing of the guard - head to Buckingham Palace to see the guards in their bearskin hats marching smartly into position
Trafalgar Square - home to Nelson’s Column, four huge bronze lions and the famous Fourth Plinth, which has displayed sculptures by artists David Shrigley, Hans Haacke and Alison Lapper
Parliament Square - this huge green square at the bottom of Whitehall is overlooked by the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and more

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Discover the enormous steam engines that once pumped water to homes and businesses across London from the waterworks at Kew Bridge.

Visit the London Museum of Water and Steam with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
See the world’s biggest collection of working Cornish cycle beam engines.
Ride a working steam train!
There are plenty of fun interactive exhibits to keep kids (and adults!) entertained.
Get ready to explore the amazing old Victorian waterworks that house the London Museum of Water and Steam.

The magnificent steam pump engines are the undisputed stars of the collection. Find out how these mechanical monsters operate and learn the difference between Cornish and rotative engines. The Cornish engines are in their original positions and can sometimes be seen in action – including the Grand Junction 90 inch, which pumped water to London for nearly a century and is the largest working beam engine on the planet. Check the official website for details of when the machines will be running.
Visit on weekends to ride the Waterworks Railway around the grounds aboard the Thomas Wicksteed, a classic moss-green waterworks locomotive. The train runs every 15 minutes between 11AM and 3PM on Saturdays and Sundays.
Admire the Grade I and II listed buildings that house the museum, including a soaring 200ft brick standpipe tower built in 1837 and the original boiler house from 1837. It’s no surprise that this atmospheric setting has drawn the attention of TV producers, with scenes from shows including Doctor Who and EastEnders filmed here.

The interactive exhibits inside are full of fun facts and stories about the history of London’s water supply and there are plenty of buttons to press and levers to pull. The Splash Zone play area has lots of wheels, buckets, pumps, and pipes for transporting water and generally getting wet!

London Museum of Water and Steam highlights

Cornish engines - don’t miss the world’s biggest collection of Cornish cycle beam engines, including the mammoth Grand Junction 90 inch
Waterworks Railway - ride a working steam locomotive around the grounds
Splash Zone - watery, educational entertainment for kids of all ages
Historic buildings - admire the original 19th-century buildings that make up the waterworks, including the great engine house and huge standpipe tower

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Explore the UK's leading design museum with free access to its special exhibitions.

Visit The Design Museum with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Includes entry to 'The Offbeat Sari' exhibition.

Celebrating design in all its forms, the Design Museum is a must for culture enthusiasts and aesthetic nerds alike. From fashion to architecture to graphics and industrial design, the museum's permanent and special exhibitions offer an array of examples of how design influences not only the art world but our daily lives. It was awarded European Museum of the Year 2018, so it's definitely not to be missed! With your pass, you can access it's current exhibition, "The Offbeat Sari".

Nestled in leafy Kensington, the Design Museum's striking modern building is home to a collection of important designs that have influenced our lives. You'll learn how design has developed over the years, as well as how the modern world has shaped production and trends.
As well as a calendar of temporary exhibitions celebrating the works of world-famous designers, exploring modern or historical movements or deep-diving into various themes or styles, you can also check out some famous works and learn about popular designs in the building's main collection.
Be sure to use your pass to check out "The Offbeat Sari", a major exhibition celebrating the contemporary sari. It brings together dozens of the finest saris of our time from designers, wearers and craftspeople in India.

You can check current and future exhibitions on the Design Museum website.

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Take a tour of one of the world’s most iconic sports grounds and walk in the footsteps of some of cricket’s greatest players.

Experience The Kia Oval Ground Tours with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
A behind-the-scenes tour, walk out onto the outfield, view the commentary box, and much more.
Tea and coffee in the Members' Pavilion overlooking the pitch.
Access to the Club Museum where you'll see memorabilia from the early days alongside the club's achievements today.

The Kia Oval is one of the world’s most famous sports grounds and has been home to Surrey County Cricket Club since 1845. It also boasts the title of the birthplace of cricket’s Ashes, the host of football’s first-ever FA Cup Final in 1872, along with early rugby Internationals.

Please note: arrive at the John Edrich Gate (Oval Underground end) at least 15-minutes before the tour. You will be directed to the Pavilion reception.


Outfield - take your place on the pristine outfield and see where sporting legends were created.
Peter May Stand - explore the newly developed stand and take in views of the pitch and the iconic Gasholder.
Committee Room - see where Club Presidents have held meetings and entertained VIP guests on match days.

Did you know

In 1870, The Oval staged England’s first international football match versus Scotland.
The Oval played its part during World War II and was requisitioned to house anti-aircraft searchlights.
The famous Oval Gasholders that lord over the cricket ground from behind were built in 1853 and are Grade II listed.

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Take a look around historic Eltham Palace, the only English Art Deco home open to the public.

Visit Eltham Palace with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Admire the 20th-century millionaire’s mansion, designed in the ‘Renaissance’ style.
Step back in time to the 1930s, with the interiors of the main home restored to their Art Deco grandeur.
Take in the stunning medieval Great Hall.
Explore the 19-acre award-winning gardens.
Your Go London pass gives you access to dozens more of the city's top attractions, so make sure to check them out!
Once the site of a royal retreat, Eltham Palace mixes medieval features with 1930s design in an intoxicating brew of British architecture, history and culture.
A young Prince Henry - later known as Henry VIII - spent much of his youth here in the 1500s and developed a real affection for the place. But, by the end of the 19th century, just the Great Hall, a bridge crossing the palace’s moat, and some original walls remained.

The site was acquired by high society millionaires Stephen and Virginia Courtauld in 1933. They commissioned leading architects and designers of the time to create a lavish modern palace on the site. The exterior is designed in the ‘Renaissance’ style and takes architectural cues from Hampton Court Palace, but the interior is pure Art Deco modernism.
The stunning Entrance Hall features a fabulous glazed dome through which light enters dramatically, illuminating the entranceway. Elsewhere, the dining and drawing rooms, along with Virginia’s bedroom and ensuite showcase cutting-edge 1930s design.
English Heritage took on Eltham Palace in 1995, eventually opening it to the public. The contrasting of the medieval hall and the 1930s palace, along with the rich and varied history of the site, make Eltham Hall one of the most unique architectural attractions anywhere in the capital.

Eltham Palace highlights

Grand Entrance Hall – bask in the light flooding into the Grand Entrance Hall, designed with a real sense of drama by Swedish designer Rolf Engströmer.
1930s mansion – take in all the state-of-the-art technology and unique features of the 1930s mansion, including the extravagant, centrally-heated bedroom designed for the Courtalds’ pet lemur, Mah-Jongg.
Virginia Courtauld's walk-in wardrobe – step into Virginia Courtauld's walk-in wardrobe to see fabulous dresses, hats and accessories from the 1930s. You can even try on some vintage replicas yourself.
Basement bunker – head down into the basement bunker where the household took shelter during the Blitz.
Great Hall – visit the spectacular medieval Great Hall, dating back to the times of Edward IV.
Royal history – learn about the royal history of this unique site, where Henry VIII spent many of his formative years.
Movies – because of their characterful look, Eltham Palace has been used for the filming of many, many movies, TV shows and music videos over the years. See if you can spot it in Netflix’s The Crown, Hustle, Poirot, Brideshead Revisited and music videos by Florence and the Machine, Marina and the Diamonds and Jessie Ware.

Special Events

For event listings, check out the Eltham Palace website here.

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Explore St Paul's Cathedral, one of the most enchanting architectural landmarks in England.

Visit St Paul’s Cathedral with zooFamily®

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Free time to explore the dome, the nave, and the crypt.
Free interactive handheld guide.
Easily one of London’s most recognizable buildings, St Paul’s Cathedral has played a major role in the city’s history.
You'll recognise St Paul's Cathedral instantly thanks to the stunning dome that dominates the London skyline. It's not just striking on the outside – explore a visually impressive interior too that’s filled with mystery and wonder. Think whispering walls, a frescoed ceiling and unique effigies of former kings and queens.
With a visit to St Paul's, you'll learn all about its unique history and the famous weddings that have taken place there, including Prince Charles and Diana's back in 1981. Want to hear hymns too? Then catch choral evensong, taking place at 5PM on most weekdays and hear St Paul's acoustics put to the test.

St Paul's Cathedral Highlights

The Nave – the Nave leads down to the Dome and offers beautiful views of the entire cathedral, as well as the church's largest monument of the Duke of Wellington.
The Dome – inspired by St Peter's Basilica, St Paul's iconic dome is painted to depict eight scenes from the life of St Paul, and is the second-largest cathedral dome in the world.
The Crypt – St Paul's crypt houses the tombs of royalty and historical British figures. There are over 2000 monuments, memorials and effigies including those dedicated to Admiral Lord Nelson, the Duke of Wellington, and Sir Christopher Wren.
Multimedia guides - headphones are provided on-site, but you are welcome to bring your own (3.5mm jack connection) or download the free app to play on your own device.

Special exhibitions (included with your pass!)

Christopher Wren: The Quest for Knowledge -  learn more about the early life and career of Christopher Wren, one of Britain's most famous architects who famously designed St Paul's. This exhibition explores his achievements in mathematics, astronomy and physiology, as well as his work to build the cathedral itself.

Did You Know

The current St Paul's Cathedral is the fourth church to stand on this site.
Dr. Martin Luther King once gave a sermon at the church in 1964.
Sir Christopher Wren's epitaph, inscribed on his tomb reads Lector, 'si monumentum requiris circumspice' (If you seek his monument, look around).
Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer’s wedding was held at St Paul’s Cathedral on 29 July 1981.

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See the best of London’s landmarks from the River Thames with a hop-on hop-off ticket and 23 different stops to explore.

Experience Uber Boat by Thames Clippers with zooFamily®

With us, there are no additional fees on the day – just show your pass to claim your 1-day River Roamer ticket.
The route has stops at 23 piers, from Woolwich in the east to Putney in the west.
Onboard refreshments are available from the café.

Sail under Tower Bridge, hear the chimes of Big Ben and see the towering sails of the Cutty Sark in Greenwich.
A comfortable and fun way to travel in London, Uber Boat by Thames Clippers allows you to build your own sightseeing adventure. You can sit back, relax, and view iconic landmarks including the London Eye and Shakespeare’s Globe Theater from the water, or hop on and off at your leisure to explore the city’s world-famous attractions to your heart’s content.
You could hop off and visit the seat of government at Westminster. Count the statues of world leaders in Parliament Square, peer at the imposing front door of 10 Downing Street, the UK Prime Minister’s official London residence, hear the bongs of Big Ben, and stroll through leafy St James’s Park to Buckingham Palace. Time it just right and you might even catch the changing of the guard ceremony.

Or head to pretty Greenwich, home of the Royal Observatory and National Maritime Museum. Stand with one foot in the eastern hemisphere and the other in the western hemisphere on the Meridian Line, take a walk beneath the Thames via the Victorian Greenwich Foot Tunnel, step aboard the Cutty Sark and head to the market for some of the best street food in south-east London.
You also won’t want to miss Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, famed for its bone-chilling Traitors’ Gate, priceless crown jewels, resident ravens and Beefeater guards in their distinctive black and red livery.
Plan your London adventure using the official route map of the 23 piers where you can embark and disembark at your leisure.

Uber Boat by Thames Clippers highlights

Sightseeing with a difference - see some of London’s most famous attractions from the water, including Big Ben, Tower Bridge, the Shard and HMS Belfast
23 piers - you can hop on and off the boats at your leisure, allowing you to design your very own sightseeing adventure
All-day sightseeing - Uber Boat by Thames Clippers services run daily from early in the morning until late at night, meaning you can really make a day of it

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Lively exhibitions explore the powerful link between transport and the growth of modern London, its culture and society since 1800.

Visit London Transport Museum with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Interactive exhibits, including real buses and trains to play on.

Full of light, colour and movement, the London Transport Museum explores how transport has given the City its unique identity. The collection contains a wealth of heritage vehicles, posters, artworks, photographs, film and video footage, engineering drawings, uniforms, station signs and tickets.

Highlights include the iconic red London Routemaster bus, the world's first Underground steam train and the 'padded cell' - one of the first electric locomotive Underground trains dating back to 1890.
The galleries are full of interactive exhibits for young people and adults alike, including real buses and trains to play on, and drama characters bring stories alive in an entertaining and informative way.

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Enjoy fast-track entry to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, the reconstructed historic 16th-century playhouse where Shakespeare worked

Take a Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Tour with zooFamily®

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
A fascinating, guided introduction to the world-famous Globe Theatre and life in Shakespeare's London.
Discover how shows were produced in Shakespeare's time to how the space is used today.
Tour sheets are available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese.
The iconic Globe Theatre is a faithful reconstruction of the open-air playhouse in which Shakespeare worked, and for which he wrote many of his most famous plays!
Their expert guide-storytellers provide a fascinating 50-minute tour of the Globe Theatre auditorium, vividly recreating colourful stories of the 1599 Playhouse, the London Shakespeare would have known and the Globe reconstruction process in the 1990s. Their guides will also bring the theatre to life for visitors, exploring how the ‘wooden ‘O’’ works today as an imaginative and experimental space for performance.

You’ll hear stories of the 1599 Globe, learn all about its reconstruction process in the 1990s, and find out how the building works today as an experimental theatre space. Take a seat, listen, absorb and ask questions as the secrets of the Globe unfold.
Tours are available in English only, with written information available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, or Simplified Chinese.

Did You Know

The open-air theatre has a framework constructed using traditional techniques and held together using 9,500 wooden pegs.
The two big pillars on the stage are one oak tree each – builders had to research and measure a lot of trees to find the right dimensions.
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre holds 1,500 people, which is approximately half the number of the original Globe Theatre.
William Shakespeare wrote 37 plays and 154 sonnets during his lifetime, which works out to an average of 1.5 plays a year as he started writing in 1589.
Shakespeare had a curse inscribed upon his grave in Stratford-upon-Avon to discourage potential grave robbers from digging up his remains.
The original Globe theater burnt down in 1613 because of a miss-fired cannon during a Henry VIII performance. The only casualty was a man whose breeches had to be put out with a bottle of ale.

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Ever wondered what it takes to create the perfect pint? You can find out on this behind-the-scenes brewery tour!

Enjoy a Fuller’s Brewery Tour with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Enjoy a tasting of some of Fuller's finest ales.
Get 10% off purchases in the Brewery Shop – excluding bar and spirits,
Tours are only available to customers aged 18 and over.

Have a tipple and discover the history of one of London's most famous breweries.
A trip to Griffin Brewery - the official home of Fuller's - will give you the opportunity to go behind the scenes of a working brewery and learn all about the ale-making process.

Beer has been made in the UK capital for over 350 years. On this tour, you'll also learn how Fuller's has been there from the very beginning. Its unrivaled heritage makes it one of the most historical and important brewing sites in the country. Your expert guide will explain the interesting history of the brewery, before taking you on a tour through the process of creating its various beers and ales.
To top it all off, the tour will end with a tasting session - perfect for any beer aficionados out there!

Did you know

Fuller's is the only UK brewery to have three different beers named Champion Beer of Britain at CAMRA's annual Great British Beer Festival.
The partnership papers of Fuller, Smith & Turner were officially signed in 1845.

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Walk in the footsteps of Olympic legends and football greats with a fascinating tour of one of London’s most impressive stadiums.

Experience the London Stadium at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with zooFamily®

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Panoramic views of the stadium from the balcony level.

The London Stadium, formerly known as the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, was commissioned for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games and the 2012 Summer Paralympics. During this time, it served as the athletics track and field venue and hosted the opening and closing ceremonies. Since 2013, the stadium has received over 5.7 million visitors. It has hosted the Sainsbury’s Anniversary Games, the 2017 World Athletics and Para Athletics Championships, the London 2017 World Athletics Championships, the 2019 Major League Baseball London Series, Soccer Aid for UNICEF, and performers like The Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, Guns N’ Roses, Beyoncé, Green Day and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Go behind the scenes on this fascinating tour, and enjoy access to the players’ tunnel and pitch-side access to the managers’ dugouts. You'll also get to explore the home changing room, hospitality restaurant and indoor athletics track.

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Step inside and explore one of central London’s royal residences and the childhood home of Queen Victoria.
Visit Kensington Palace with zooFamily
With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
The birthplace of Queen Victoria and the home of young royals for over 300 years.
Walking in the footsteps of Queen Victoria, in her reimagined childhood rooms.
The splendour of the King’s State Apartments and the Sunken Gardens.
10% discount in the Palace Cafe.

As one of central London’s royal residences, Kensington Palace has been a home and refuge to the royal family since the 17th century. Now, it is the official residence of the Prince and Princess of Wales. Built in 1605, it has roots in Jacobean architecture and was first known as Nottingham House. William III and Mary II were crowned jointly in 1689, and were instrumental in transforming Nottingham House into Kensington Palace.

When Queen Mary died from smallpox in 1694, William was overcome with grief. Despite this he finished the building with a grand gallery at the south of the Palace, enlarging Sir Christopher Wren’s original plan. Now it is one of London’s most exquisite palaces and comes with acres of manicured gardens and the world-famous Orangery.

Once you’ve seen all there is to see inside, take a wander around the 30-acres of Palace Garden and explore this oasis right in the heart of the capital. Check out the sunken garden which is home to impressive floral displays all year round. The palace also hosts an ever-changing array of exhibitions, so be sure to check out the website before you go to make the most of your visit.


Crown to Couture – running throughout the summer from 5 April to 29 October, the glittering world of the Georgian court will come head-to-head with the high glamour of the modern-day red carpet in a new exhibition. Contemporary couture worn by high profile celebrities, including Lizzo and Lady Gaga, will be displayed alongside historic costume, drawing fascinating parallels between the world of the red carpet and the world of the Royal Court in the 18th Century. With over 200 objects, it’s set to be the largest exhibition ever staged at the palace.

Did you know

Mary II was a keen collector of Chinese Porcelain, a 1697 inventory documented that she owned over 800 items
Composer Handel was invited to the palace to perform for King George II, who was such a fan that he gave Handel British citizenship. Handel was originally from Germany, like the King himself.
Queen Victoria, the second-longest reigning monarch, spent her childhood in the palace
A book of original Leonardo da Vinci drawings was miraculously found in the palace in 1778 and sent to Windsor Castle
During the Great War in 1914, Princess Louise allowed injured soldiers to rest and recover in her private apartments

Top tip: There is a wide range of tours for visitors with disabilities including British Sign Language tours and Describer Tours for the partially sighted. Booking is recommended up to two weeks in advance to visit the King and Queen’s State Apartments and Victoria Revealed.

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Walk in the footsteps of football legends with an all-access tour of the iconic Wembley Stadium

Visit Wembley Stadium with zooFamily®

A behind-the-scenes tour of the stadium.
Insider stories from an expert guide.
Access the Crossbar Exhibition and The Walk of Legends.
Follow in the footsteps of legends with an all-access tour of the iconic Wembley Stadium. It’s home to English football and plays host to all domestic club competitions such as the FA Cup Final, as well as international fixtures, other major sporting events and concerts.
On arrival, you’ll be taken on a guided tour experience through Wembley Stadium with all its events and magic moments enhanced by a Wembley app that you download on your phone for the duration of your visit. Your Wembley Tour experience includes ‘The Crossbar Exhibition’ and ‘Walk of Legends’ which display objects dating back to the Empire Exhibition of 1924, as well as the famous crossbar from the 1966 World Cup final. You’ll also see the Olympic flag from the 1948 Olympics and Ed Sheeran’s guitar from his 2018 sell-out solo shows at the Stadium.

After you’ve learnt all about Wembley’s history, you’ll get the chance to explore the stadium in full. You’ll see the Royal Box, the players’ changing rooms, the press conference room, and much more. You’ll even get the chance to walk through the players’ tunnel and right up to the pitch. Your experience will be enhanced by a newly updated app featuring exclusive, rich content with stories and facts shared through text, graphics and video.

Wembley Stadium highlights

The Royal Box
Team Changing Rooms
Press Conference Room
Walk up the Players' Tunnel
Get pitch-side access
The Crossbar Exhibition and Walk of Legends

Did you know?

The original Wembley Stadium was opened in 1923 for the British Empire Exhibition and was also called "Empire Stadium".
Wembley Stadium has hosted 93 FA Cup Finals, 7 European Cup Finals, one World Cup Final and both the 1996 and 2021 Euro Football Championship Finals.
Wembley Stadium has a capacity of 90,000, has a circumference of 1km and contains 2618 toilets which is more than any other venue in the world.
Wembley's iconic arch has a 7.4m internal diameter and rises to 133m. It supports all the weight of the north roof and 60% of the retractable roof on the south side.

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Take a step back in history and walk the hallways of one of the country's most iconic royal residences, Hampton Court Palace.

Visit Hampton Court Palace with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Access to the palace, maze and gardens.
Free multi-language audio guide.
Historical re-enactments and admission to exhibitions.
10% discount at the on-site catering outlets when people show their passes.

This magnificent Tudor palace looks like it was plucked from the pages of a storybook. Hampton Court was Henry VIII's favourite royal hangout, and it was lavishly decorated by two luxury-loving kings, so you can expect priceless paintings, fine tapestries and gold just about everywhere. There are even a couple of resident ghosts to look out for as you're touring the haunted rooms.
Explore the private royal apartments, the chapel, and the Tudor kitchens which were built to feed over 1,000 court staff. See a replica of Henry VIII's crown in the Royal Pew and step into the Great Hall where some of Shakespeare's plays were performed for the first time. Once you've explored the palace interiors, head outside to enjoy the impressive manicured gardens and get lost in the world-famous hedge maze.

Hampton Court Highlights

Hampton Court Gardens – the entire park covers 750 acres and the gardens cover 60 acres. Here you'll find the Great Vine, the Privy Garden which is a recreation of the 1702 garden for King William III, and Home Park which is home to deer and wild birds. There's also the famous palace maze – originally planted in 1690, it's made up of half a mile of winding passages between 7ft high yew tree hedges.
The Great Vine – originally planted in 1769, the vineyard has long been a highlight of Hampton Court Palace. The vine still produces an annual crop of grapes which are usually ripe after the August Bank Holiday.
Chapel Royal – the palace's chapel still delivers traditional services throughout the year and is a striking example of baroque architecture. It was here in 1540 where Archbishop Canmer presented Henry VIII with the letter accusing his fifth wife Katherine Howard of adultery.
Tudor Kitchens – Hampton Court Palace was already considered a modern palace when it was first built, complete with a 36,000 square foot kitchen. It was continuously expanded between 1530 and 1737, and was said to cater to over 600 people twice a day, as well as prepare huge royal banquets.
Tennis Courts – the first tennis court at Hampton Court Palace was built for Cardinal Wolsey in the 16th century. Henry VIII was a keen tennis player who loved getting out on the court. The court's viewing gallery is only open to the public during the summer months.

Did You Know

Hampton Court Palace is rumoured to be haunted by a screaming female ghost, thought to be the ill-fated fifth wife of Henry VIII – Katherine Howard.
William Shakespeare and his company the King's Men performed several places for King James I in the Great Hall.
Three of the walls surrounding the original tennis court date back to the 17th century, one being an original of Cardinal Wolsey's time.
The only wife of Henry VIII who survived the marriage without execution, divorce or death was Catherine Parr, who Henry married at Hampton Court Palace in 1543.

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Visit one of London's most important historical buildings and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Westminster Abbey.

Visit Westminster Abbey with zooFamily®

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
A free multimedia guide.
A visit to the tombs of Charles Darwin, Elizabeth I and Charles Dickens.

Kings and queens, statesmen and soldiers, poets and priests, heroes and villains - Westminster Abbey has witnessed them all. This must-see living pageant of British history is the spiritual home of British royal events – a place where 16 royal weddings have taken place and almost every British monarch has been coronated, including Queen Elizabeth II. Step into the glorious Gothic abbey church and walk in the footsteps of many kings and queens throughout history.
You'll explore the venue's opulent period architecture – think dramatic vaulted ceilings, striking sculptures and stained-glass windows that throw rainbow-colored light across the room. Tour Poets' Corner and the Nave and see strange life-like effigies on the tombs of famous poets, scientists and royals. The free multimedia guide will give you all the facts, history and information you need while you explore, and it's available in 14 languages. After you've ticked off the otherworldly interiors, head outside to take some time out in the pretty College Garden, which are said to be the oldest cultivated gardens in the UK.

Westminster Abbey Highlights

The Coronation Chair – made for King Edward I, the coronation chair has been used at the coronation ceremony since 1308 and is one of the oldest pieces of furniture in England.
Poets' Corner – one of the most popular and best-known parts of the abbey, explore the hundreds of tombs and memorials to some of the most famous literary figures in history. Over 100 poets and writers are buried and commemorated here, including Geoffrey Chaucer, Robert Browning, Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare.
The Nave – completed in 1517, the Nave houses the coronation chair, the memorial of Sir Isaac Newton, and the Grave of the Unknown Warrior – an anonymous British soldier who represents the thousands killed in WWI.
The Lady Chapel – considered the last great masterpiece of medieval English architecture, the Lady Chapel features a magnificent fan-vault ceiling with carved pendants and houses the shared tomb of Elizabeth I and her half-sister Mary I.
Sermons – Westminster Abbey is still a working church and includes daily services in its schedule. From Morning Prayer and Evensong to the Eucharist, these memorable services of worship are open to the public.


Where is Westminster Abbey?
The Abbey is located in the heart of the City of Westminster, just west of the similarly impressive Palace of Westminster.
How old is Westminster Abbey?

The Abbey has existed for over 1060 years, making it one of the oldest religious places of worship in England. A church was founded on the site of the Abbey in the 7th Century, and construction of the present church began in 1245, on the orders of King Henry III.
Where is the nave in Westminster Abbey?
The visually stunning nave is at the far western end of the Abbey and has become a place of homage thanks to the numerous graves and memorials of famous people that exist here.

Did you know:

Westminster Abbey has been the Coronation Church since the crowning of William the Conqueror in 1066, with 38 coronations taking place and the most recent being on 2 June 1953 for Queen Elizabeth II.
The Chapter House has one of the oldest doors in the world, dating back to 1050.
16 royal weddings have taken place at Westminster Abbey with the most recent being on 29 April 2011 for Prince William and Kate Middleton.
If you look closely at the coronation chair, you'll see schoolboy graffiti from the 18th and 19th centuries.

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Go behind the scenes with a Chelsea FC Stadium Tour of Stamford Bridge - a tour that has been enjoyed by millions of sports fans from all around the world for over 20 years.

Take a Chelsea FC Stadium Tour with zooFamily®

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Visit Stamford Bridge, the home of the 2012 and 2021 European Champions.
View the Dressing Rooms, Press Room, players' tunnel and pitch-side.
Tour tickets include a guided tour, photo opportunities, Chelsea FC Megastore and access to London's largest football museum.
This new self-guided tour will bring you even closer to the matchday experience as you go behind the scenes into the most exclusive areas of Stamford Bridge.

About Chelsea FC stadium tour and museum

Chelsea's live tour guides lead you through Stamford Bridge on a fantastic 60-minute experience, including Dressing Rooms, Press Room, players' tunnel, pitch-side and much more.
The Chelsea FC Museum, home to the most complete collection of football silverware in London, can be visited either before or after the tour and is included in the price of the visit.
Each guest receives a free Chelsea FC lanyard and the opportunity for an official photograph with both the 2012 and 2021 UEFA Champions League trophies on arrival (photos must be purchased separately).
You'll be able to download a digital guide to your device, which features stunning videos, 360-degree films, historical footage and quiz content to enhance your visit at the start of the tour.
The guide is available in 12 languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Hebrew, Mandarin, Japanese, Thai and Arabic, and tells the full history of the club from 1905 to the present day.

Tour and Museum Highlights

Trophy Room - check out all of Chelsea FC's stunning silverware showcased in one place. The display is the most 'complete' collection of trophies in London, featuring every major domestic and European honour including the UEFA Champions League from 2012 and 2021.
One Step Beyond – a new, immersive installation on the tour route allows you to experience first-hand the atmosphere of a big European night under the lights at Stamford Bridge
Meet the Managers - a new virtual photo opportunity to sit alongside Thomas Tuchel, the Men's First Team Manager, or Emma Hayes, the Women's Team Manager at the famous Press Room desk.
Tour+ - upload stunning content and 360 videos on your own smartphones and at no extra charge. Exclusive to Chelsea FC, the platform allows you to find out even more about Chelsea, while still enjoying the spoken delivery of the tour guide using your own phone. Available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Japanese and Korean.

Did You Know

Chelsea and Arsenal were the first clubs to play with numbered shirts. The Chelsea team wore them during their game against Swansea City in August 1928.
Stamford Bridge has been home to Chelsea FC since its first day, and it's the oldest stadium in the league.
Former owner, Ken Bates purchased Chelsea FC for £1 in 1982 before selling it in 2003 to Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich.
Chelsea FC is the only British club to have won all four of UEFA's major trophies - the Champions League, Europa League, Cup Winners' Cup and Super Cup.

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Go behind the scenes at Twickenham Stadium and explore the history behind one of London's most popular sports.
Enjoy a guided tour of Twickenham Stadium and entry to the World

Rugby Museum with zooFamily

Tour the home of England's Rugby Union team on this in-depth tour.
View the England dressing room and the Royal Box.
Explore a range of permanent and temporary exhibitions at the onsite museum.
Your Go London pass gets you entry into dozens of other top London attractions, so be sure to check them out!
Ever wondered what it's like behind the scenes on match days? Now you can get the true feeling!

Your tour guide will lead through the players' tunnel, inside England's dressing room, then up to the Royal Box, where you'll get a spectacular view of the grounds. What's more, you'll get several opportunities to take snaps from these spots as well as a selfie or two from the pitchside.
After your tour, delve deeper into the sport with a visit to the World Rugby Museum. You'll get the chance to learn about the history of the game, see the world's oldest international playing jersey and view the famous Calcutta Cup, the oldest international trophy.


The dressing room – learn about the match day preparations of international rugby stars. Imagine yourself in the same spot as your favorite players and get ready to strike a pose to commemorate the experience.
Permanent and temporary exhibits – the World Rugby Museum features several permanent exhibits, including The 6-Nations Gallery, Wartime Rugby, Rugby World Cup, and The 1871 Room. Find out what type of rugby player you are or step into a rugby commentator's role with the museums' interactive features.

There is also a range of informative temporary exhibits that coincide with upcoming sports events. Learn about the major, international tournaments, and other world events with quirky displays and fun imagery.

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Wander through a restored 18th-century house and its stunning landscaped gardens.

Visit Chiswick House and Kitchen Garden with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Enjoy access to the gallery rooms of the house.
Explore the historic Kitchen Garden.
Your pass gives you access to many more attractions in London, so don't forget to check them out.

Step inside a neo-Palladian villa and wander around its beautifully restored gallery rooms.
You'll get the chance to learn all about the history behind Chiswick House and admire its 18th-century architecture and magnificent decor. Browse a rich collection of Old Masters paintings and see William Kent-designed palatial interiors up close.

Once you've made your way through the gallery rooms, it's time to enjoy the gorgeous grounds. Head to the historic Kitchen Garden where fruit and veg are still being grown today and spot impressive garden buildings and centuries-old statues as you explore.

BDT 4,150 0% OFF
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You don’t have to be a Spurs fan to get a kick out of a tour of Tottenham’s stadium, which boasts a fully retractable pitch!

Take a Tottenham Hotspur Stadium tour with zooFamily®

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Walk in the footsteps of soccer greats on this immersive stadium tour experience.
Take a seat in the changing room and walk through the players’ tunnel out into the stadium bowl!
Find out why Tottenham’s stadium also serves as the home of the NFL in London.
Soccer stadiums don’t come much more hi-tech than Tottenham’s, the winner of multiple prestigious awards for design and architecture.

Here’s your chance to go behind the scenes, with access to the very changing room used by the first team. Imagine the roar of the crowd as you make your way through the players’ tunnel and run out pitch-side. You can even take a seat in the manager's chair!
It’s a self-guided tour, so you can take your time and soak up the atmosphere of the place. Grab a multimedia device for fascinating stories and exclusive interviews with the club’s legendary players. Tour guides around the stadium will answer your questions to help bring the stadium to life.
You’ll also learn about the stadium’s impressive retractable pitch, which transforms the space for a range of other uses – not least as the home of the NFL in London.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium tour highlights

Changing rooms - feel the anticipation build as you visit the first team’s changing room
Follow in their footsteps - here’s your chance to run through the players’ tunnel and onto the pitch
You’re the boss
- go on, take a seat in the manager’s chair!

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Enjoy exclusive access to the home of the Arsenal football team and entry to the official museum.

Visit Arsenal Emirates Stadium with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Self-guided audio tour with a state-of-the-art handset to hear the Arsenal stars sharing their experiences and memories.
A behind-the-scenes look at the stadium.
Entry to the museum where you'll be able to browse a huge range of memorabilia.

Many of the items on display are donated by former players, including Jens Lehmann’s goalkeeper gloves that he wore for every league match of the unbeaten Invincibles season in 2003/4, Michael Thomas’s boots from Anfield ’89, and Charlie George’s FA Final Cup shirt from 1971, among many others.

The museum features two video theatres and twenty major displays based on Arsenal's proud history – you can track the club’s success from its formation to the present day. You’ll also find iconic shirts, including those worn by Alex James in the 1936 FA Cup Final, and the 2015 FA Cup final shirt signed by the winning squad. A must-visit for football fans.

Emirates Arsenal Stadium Tour Highlight

See the team's room – team changing rooms.
Experience entering the pitch – walk up the Players' Tunnel.
Viewpoint – get pitch-side access.
Souvenirs – exclusive Arsenal memorabilia.
Coach's office – explore where the manager prepares before the game.
Physio Room –  where the players receive their pre-match massages and are strapped before each match.

Did you know

Arsenal FC was founded in 1886 in Woolwich, South East London, despite its North London location.
In 2010, Arsenal’s game against Manchester United was the first-ever match to be broadcast on television in 3D.

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Discover 1,000 years of British history at Windsor Castle, the largest and oldest occupied castle in the world.

Visit Windsor Castle - Afternoon entry only with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Explore the Queen’s official residence, set in 13 acres of land in Windsor.
Visit St George’s Chapel, view masterpieces from the Royal Collection and watch the ceremonial Changing of the Guard.

It’s easy to see why Windsor Castle, with its peaceful courts, expansive grounds and stunning circular tower, is the Queen’s preferred weekend residence.
Built in the 11th Century following the Norman invasion by William the Conqueror, Windsor Castle has survived sieges, wars, fires and even some of Henry VIII’s more extravagant feasting parties.
The castle has undergone many alterations and renovations over the years, not least under Edward III, who lavished huge amounts of money on new buildings and rich furnishings during his reign in the Middle Ages.
Pass holders enjoy a free self-guided multimedia tour that brings the castle’s history to life, from the picturesque Round Tower to the masterpieces by Rubens, Brueghel, Van Dyck and more that adorn the walls of the opulent State Apartments.

Visit St George’s Chapel, an architectural masterpiece that’s considered one of the finest examples of the Gothic style in the UK, and which contains the tombs of 10 former monarchs, including Henry VIII. And don’t miss the daily Changing of the Guard, which begins with a march through the town center and culminates with the traditional guard-changing ceremony in the castle’s Lower Ward.

Windsor Castle highlights

Round Tower - Windsor’s central keep has stood on this site in some form since the 12th Century, when it was built from wood
St George’s Chapel - this masterful Gothic confection has presided over many a royal marriage and funeral, and houses the tombs of no less than 10 sovereigns, including Edward IV, Henry VIII and George V
Changing of the Guard - see the traditional military parade as the Queen’s guards make their way up the high street and into the castle grounds, often accompanied by a marching band; the ceremony takes place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays
State Apartments - get an insight into the changing tastes of the castle’s royal residents over the centuries: the State Apartments are packed with priceless treasures, lavish furnishings and masterpieces from the Royal Collection, including pieces by Rubens, Holbein and Van Dyck

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Give those little gray cells a workout on this fiendishly fun London walking tour, and see if you can solve the mystery of the missing debt collector.

Solve the mystery of the murder at Trafalgar Square with zooFamily

With us, there are no additional fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Channel your inner Hercule Poirot to crack the clues and solve the mystery.
Visit major central London attractions including Trafalgar Square, Chinatown and Leicester Square.
Tick off some of London’s top attractions – including Nelson’s Column and the National Gallery – as you follow the clues to solve the crime.
It’s 1899 and debt collector Thomas Meyer has gone missing in strange circumstances, leaving behind only a bloody briefcase. You are given an envelope stuffed with clues to help solve the mystery.

Your investigation begins in Trafalgar Square, home to iconic London attractions including Nelson’s Column, the 169-foot-high monument topped with a statue of the 18th-century Admiral and with four huge bronze lions around its base. This sprawling plaza is also home to one of London’s most celebrated museums: the National Gallery. Take time to pop in for a look at masterpieces including Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, Constable’s The Hay Wain and Rembrandt’s Self Portrait at the Age of 34, alongside many other world-famous works. Entry is free.
By the time you reach Chinatown, with its colorful storefronts and swaying Chinese lanterns, the heady aromas of roast duck and fresh dumplings are sure to entice you into one of the many restaurants for lunch. It’s the perfect opportunity to review the evidence you’ve collected so far.

Your investigation concludes in Leicester Square, home to the Odeon and Empire cinemas where many celebrities have walked the red carpet at blockbuster movie premieres. Can you tie together all the different threads and clues to solve the mystery of the missing Thomas Meyer?

This is a private, self-guided experience for you and your friends to enjoy at your own pace. We recommend dawdling for an hour or two in the National Gallery (or its neighbor, the National Portrait Gallery) and tucking into delicious dim sum in bustling Chinatown.

Solve a Mystery: the Murder at Trafalgar Square highlights

Trafalgar Square - your investigation starts here, where you’ll find attractions including Nelson’s Column, the National Gallery and a striking piece of public art atop the Fourth Plinth
Chinatown - this colorful neighborhood, sandwiched between Leicester Square and the theater district around Shaftesbury Avenue, is crammed full of delicious dining options
Leicester Square - watch the street performers, catch a movie at the famous Empire or Odeon cinemas and take a stroll through the gardens, where you’ll find statues of William Shakespeare and Charlie Chaplin

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Follow the clues on this 1960s crime caper in which you are the detective in charge of solving the mystery of the murder at Buckingham Palace!

Solve the mystery of the murder at Buckingham Palace with zooFamily

With us, there are no additional fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Unleash your inner Sherlock and crack the clues that will lead you to the killer.
Visit attractions including St James’s Park and Parliament Square on your way to Great Scotland Yard.

This is a great way to see some of the most famous sights in central London as you and your friends join forces to solve a fiendish murder mystery.
It’s 1968 and you’ve just received a mysterious envelope. Inside are all the clues you’ll need to discover the person or persons responsible for the heinous murder of a young woman at Duck Island Cottage in St James’s Park.

It’s here that your investigation begins, in front of this quaint 19th-century cottage at the east end of the park’s lake, a little piece of the English countryside in the heart of London. St James’s Park is surrounded by major attractions including Buckingham Palace, The Mall and Horse Guards Parade, some of which may hold further clues for you to discover.
Your investigation will take you to Parliament Square, where you’ll see grand, gothic Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, as well as several imposing statues of world leaders including Churchill, Lincoln and Mandela.

Weave your way along Whitehall – home of the British Prime Minister’s official London residence at Number 10 Downing Street, and onwards to Great Scotland Yard, where you must solve the crime and reveal the killer.
This is a private, self-guided tour for you and your friends, so you’re free to go as quickly or as slowly as you like. We recommend spending some time taking in the beautiful surroundings of St James’ Park and its exquisite lake that's home to pelicans, parakeets and other delightful birdlife.

Solve a Mystery: the Murder at Westminster highlights

St James’s Park - your investigation starts at picturesque Duck Island Cottage; you can also visit Buckingham Palace here and plan your next move on the pretty meadow by the lake
Parliament Square - overlooked by the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, this vast green square at the bottom of Whitehall is home to several statues of world leaders including Abraham Lincoln and Nelson Mandela
Whitehall - look out for the Prime Minister’s official London residence, the moving Cenotaph war memorial and the mounted cavalry officer at the entrance to Horse Guards

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Explore the spooky underground tombs of London Bridge and brave the haunting tales of the city’s notorious past at London's scariest attraction!

Visit the London Bridge Experience with zooFamily®

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Learn about the rich history of gruesome, gory Britain.
Experience an interactive, two-part attraction including The London Bridge Experience and London Tombs - featuring real-life actors and animation.
Not for the faint of heart, this unique London attraction will shock you with terrifying tales and real stories while you explore the gruesome past of London Bridge with a spine-tingling adventure into the depths of The Tombs.
The London Bridge Experience offers visitors a unique interactive journey through London’s dark and chilling history. Travel back in time and learn about 2000 years of history from London Bridge and the surrounding area.
Interactive displays and sensory features will transport you to through the ages. Immerse yourself in the Great Fire of London tale, view displays depicting Welsh invader Boudicca’s battle against the Romans, or listen to the gruesome story of Jack the Ripper.

The Experience

See, hear and even smell what it was like throughout the ages with the London Bridge Experience. As professional actors take you through each setting, learn about London’s dark past from Jack the Ripper and 'The Head Snatcher'. This immersive theatrical experience delivers history with an extra side of terror.
The Tombs
Travel into the lower vaults of London Bridge and experience the UK’s scariest attraction, The Vaults. The London Tombs is well known for its sinister past which visitors can witness during the show. This immersive scare maze uses a variety of special effects. Interactive sets and professional actors to deliver the best scare of your life!
Guardian Angel Tour
For the younger guests, the Guardian Angel tour provides a light-hearted alternative with just enough scare and even more fun. Children under 11 can experience the sights and sounds of the London Tombs, but without the ghoulish ‘characters’ that might pop out to say hello or chase you. The Guardian Angel tour offers the perfect opportunity for children to enjoy the experience to the fullest without being scared.
Please ask a guide at the entrance of The Tombs for the Guardian Angel Tour.
More about the Tombs..
Discover the Spooky London Tombs
Unearth the chilling secrets of London Tombs, a hidden attraction lurking beneath the city's bustling streets. Delve into the eerie past as you explore the ancient burial grounds, haunted by the ghosts of centuries gone by.
Experience the Thrills of London Tombs
Embark on a spine-tingling journey through the shadowy corridors, where history and horror intertwine. Uncover bone-chilling tales that will leave you questioning the world above, making the London Tombs a must-visit experience.

London Bridge Experience highlights

London's scariest attraction – visit the attraction voted, London’s Scariest for 11 years running.
London's dark history – learn about London’s dark history of war spanning over 2,000 years
England's notorious characters – delve into the mindset of some of England’s most notorious characters, including Jack the Ripper and William Wallace.
Scare maze – once you have fully immersed yourself in London’s history with The London experience, step forward in time with a visit to The Vault, voted the UK’s scariest attraction. Test your nerve in the scare maze, featuring characters such as clowns, doctors, zombies, and more.
Angel show for young visitors – younger visitors of 11 and under can benefit from the Guardian Angel show, a ‘fun immersive scare experience with far less bite’.

London Bridge facts

Workers at The London Bridge Experience have reported hearing children’s eerie cries and have witnessed poltergeist activity while on shift.
The Great Fire of London (1666) has no official death toll, but it is said that the heat of the fire may have cremated many Londoners, leaving their remains unrecognizable.
The murders of Jack the Ripper have inspired many studies and analyses on each case, now coined as Ripperology.  
Many phantom cries can be heard at London Bridge. They are rumoured to be ‘traitors’, whose heads were dipped in tar and stuck on pikes, executed between 1305 and 1660.

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Take a look at the magnificent Crown Jewels and see the Tower’s world-famous guards: the Beefeaters.

Visit the Tower of London with zooFamily®

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Explore the Tower of London grounds and meet the ravens.
Hear the tales of this historic fortress from the Beefeaters.
See His Majesty’s Royal Regalia and Crown Jewels.
Your pass gives you access to dozens more of the city's top attractions, so make sure to check them out!

Pass Perks:

10% discount in the on-site retail outlet (restrictions apply).
10% discount in all on-site catering outlets (discount excludes alcohol).

As one of London’s most famous sights, this imposing fortress sits proudly on the banks of the Thames in the historic heart of the city.
This striking UNESCO World Heritage Site was built under the instruction of William the Conqueror in the 1070s to demonstrate the power of the Normans following a successful battle on English shores.

Since its time as an imposing fortress,  the Tower has served as a palace, an armory, a prison, and even a zoo! These days, however, it's the brilliant Yeoman Warders, or Beefeaters as they are known, that people come to see, as they give fascinating tours of the grounds all the while safeguarding the sensational British Crown Jewels.

Did you know?

Anne Boleyn, one of Henry VIII's many wives, was sentenced to death right here. Arrested for adultery and plotting against the King's life, Anne was taken by barge through the famous Traitor's Gate. Despite protesting her innocence, her head was parted from her body in quite the gruesome fashion that was very in vogue in the 1500s. Anne Boleyn, along with many other high-profile individuals like Lady Jane Grey, met a grisly fate right here, and it's said that some still haunt the execution grounds to this day...

Tower of London Highlights

Crown Jewels - a stunning 142-item collection of ceremonial jewel-encrusted objects that serve among the royal regalia during the coronation of British Monarchs. The collection includes swords, orbs, scepters, rings, amulets, and of course the almighty St. Edward’s Crown.
Yeoman Warders - officially the Yeomen Warders of His Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress the Tower of London, and Members of the Sovereign's Body Guard of the Yeoman Guard Extraordinary - but since that is quite a mouthful, they are known more commonly as the Beefeaters. These retired servicemen now protect the Crown Jewels and lead tours of the Tower of London.
The Ravens - these six ‘guardians of the Tower’ are looked after by a designated Ravenmaster and are kept here as legend has it that ‘the kingdom will fall if the ravens ever leave the Tower…’

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Take in the view from the top of one of London's most iconic buildings. The Shard's viewing deck is a vantage point like no other!

Visit The View from The Shard with zooFamily

Due to essential maintenance work, The View from The Shard will be closed until further notice. It is not currently accepting reservations from any third partners.
With your pass you'll get access to the indoor viewing gallery and the open-air Skydeck on 72nd Floor with no time limit.

London's highest viewing platform is a must-visit for a truly impressive view of central London and beyond. The Shard View is simply like no other!

Standing at 309.9 meters high and made up of an impressive 11,000 glass panels, The Shard is undoubtedly the most striking modern building in London's skyline.
Since opening in 2013, it's become a must-visit for Londoners and visitors alike, offering unparalleled views across the city from its 72nd-floor viewing deck.

Ascend to the top and spend as much time as you wish admiring the city. From the Skydeck, you can get an incredible birdseye view of some of the city's most famous attractions and on a clear day, you can see up to 40 miles into the distance.

The View from The Shard Highlights

Indoor viewing gallery - stop here for a panoramic view of central London.
Open-air Skydeck - head to the 72nd-floor for views across London.

Did you know?

The Shard is made up of 11,000 glass panels on its exterior, covering a total area of 56,000 sq meters.
It's here you'll find the best toilet views in London: the restrooms are 244 meters above London with floor-to-ceiling windows offering aerial views across the city.
The lift moves at six meters/second, giving visitors a speedy journey to the top.
It's a top spot for proposals - over 200 have happened at the top since it opened to the public.

The View from the Shard is an impressive vantage point to capture the beauty of the London landscape. Book your tickets through zooFamily!

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Get to know London a little better with a hop-on hop-off bus tour!

Enjoy a 1-Day Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour with zooFamily®

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
One calendar day Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour ticket to explore the capital at your leisure.
See some of London's best attractions.
Audio guides are available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
Please note: pass holders can only pick Big Bus OR Golden Tours for the duration of your 1-day pass - the pass is not available for use on both services.
Sit back, relax, and take in the views of London with a Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour. Choose from two different operators with your pass, both of which will allow you to tick off Central London's top attractions and get to know the city a little better.

Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour Highlights

Tower of London – a must-see London sight. Learn about the Tower’s wealth of history, dating back to the Norman Conquest. You’ll learn about the secrets and scandals of the court, and the role the Tower used to play as a palace, prison, armory, and menagerie.
Westminster Abbey – Hop off here and explore the country’s coronation church since the 11th century. See the kaleidoscopic stained-glass windows, old paintings, and pews and find out about the final resting spots of famous royals, writers, and intellectuals.
Tower Bridge – this bridge is one of the most iconic in the UK and when you hop off here, you’ll see why. Explore the Victorian engine room and ignore your fear of heights as you take to the elevated glass walkway above the river.
Buckingham Palace – home to the HRH The Queen, this is one of the few working palaces left in the world and a must-see on any visit to the capital. Hop off here and catch the Changing of the Guard before escaping the hustle and bustle with a stroll through Green Park.
Trafalgar Square – this famed London landmark is one of the city's cultural hubs and hosts events, festival celebrations, rallies, and more. It’s also home to the National Gallery, one of the country's most important art museums. Trafalgar Square is also a stone’s throw away from the Embankment, which is great for epic views along the river. Enjoy the ride with the London Big Bus Tour!
Experience the best of London with Big Bus or Golden Tours

Discover the enchanting sights of the city on a London Big Bus Tour or Golden Tours. Enjoy the flexibility of a hop-on hop-off bus tour as you explore iconic landmarks at your own pace.

1-Day Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour FAQs

Q. Can I get off and rejoin the bus tour at any stop?
A. Yes, you can hop on and off at any designated stop throughout the day.
Q. How long does the bus tour take to complete without hopping off?
A. The complete loop takes approximately two and a half hours, depending on traffic.
Q. Are the bus tours guided?
A. Yes, the tours are accompanied by an informative audio guide available in multiple languages.
Q. Are the buses wheelchair accessible?
A. Yes, all the buses are fully wheelchair accessible, with designated seating and wheelchair space available.
Q. What attractions and landmarks can I see on the bus tour?

A. You will pass by and have the opportunity to hop off at top landmarks such as the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and Big Ben.
Q. What time do the bus tours start and end?
A. The first bus typically departs at 8:30 am, and the last bus departs around 6 pm depending on the season.

zooFamily is a better way to sightsee. Your pass includes 1-day Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour tickets, plus admission to dozens of top London attractions for one money-saving price.

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Enjoy the city from a different perspective with a choice of two exhilarating London bike tours from the London Bicycle Tour Company.

Enjoy a London Bicycle tour with zooFamily

A mountain bike or traditional cycle bike.
Guided tour of London attractions and landmarks with an expert guide.
Choice between the 3-hour Classic Tour or ♥Love London Tour.

A London Bike Tour lets you enjoy sightseeing in a unique and fun way. Take a mountain bike or traditional cycle bike and experience a guided tour of London attractions with an expert guide stopping at intervals to speak about the history of your surroundings and landmarks.
You can enjoy either a 3-hour Classic Tour, which takes you past the iconic London landmarks, from the Southbank to the London Eye and Big Ben, up to Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey.
Or, the 3-hour  ♥Love London Tour which takes you through London's bustling West End and through the cultural heart of the city, from Covent Garden to Chinatown and Carnaby Street.

Both routes are designed to keep you away from the traffic and give you access to areas you wouldn’t normally see by car. Helmets and safety equipment are included.

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Meet over 750 incredible species and explore innovative exhibits at ZSL London Zoo.

Visit ZSL London Zoo with zooFamily®

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Enjoy a packed program of live talks, shows, and feedings.
Learn about the science and history of hundreds of species and their habitats.
Your pass gives you access to dozens more of the city's top attractions, so make sure you check them out!
Set in leafy Regent's Park amid heritage-listed buildings and beautiful gardens, ZSL London Zoo is an oasis in the heart of the capital with over 20,000 amazing animals to discover.

The Zoo’s biggest experience, Land of the Lions, gives visitors the chance to get closer than ever before to the mighty Asiatic lions – of which only 400 remain in the wild. Visitors can explore walkways covering the 2,500sqm Indian-themed exhibit.
Come face-to-face with one of nature’s most awesome predators in Tiger Territory, learn about the natural behaviours of Sumatran tigers and discover the conservation issues these creatures face in the wild.
Go on a journey high into the treetops to meet a variety of amazing species at Rainforest Life (London’s only living rainforest). Then meet the creatures who only come out in the dark in the amazing nocturnal experience, Night Life.
Visitors will love heading down to the beach to watch our colony of Humboldt penguins dive, swim, frolic and feed in England's largest penguin pool, complete with large underwater viewing windows. And step Into Africa to observe the elegance and grace of the giraffes before moving on to the magnificent residents of Gorilla Kingdom.

New for 2021

The Very Hungry Caterpillar – experience the world of The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Friends like never before. Kids will love the storytelling sessions, journeying through supersized fruits and learning all about the bugs you can find in your own garden.
Tiny Giants! – a celebration of all things small but mighty, and the sometimes strange but always wonderful world of invertebrates. Includes a brand new coral reef tank. Find out more.
Giants of the Galápagos – a brand new home for the zoo's three Galápagos giant tortoises. Step inside to enjoy the balmy climate of the Galápagos Archipelago and discover these magnificent reptiles who can live for over a century. Imagine how the world might change in their lifetime and discover how we can protect them – and our planet – for the years to come.

London Zoo highlights

Penguin Beach – watch the birds dive for their food during two scheduled daily feeds.
Butterfly Paradise – this carefully-created ‘walk though’ environment offers visitors the opportunity to see a wide variety of species as they delicately flutter around you.
Land of the Lions – cat lovers can get closer than ever before to the mighty Asiatic lions.
Step into Africa – observe the elegance and grace of the giraffes from a viewing platform and then travel along lush pathways into the Gorilla Kingdom.
Animal adventure – younger visitors will love this immersive animal experience. It's home to meerkats, llamas, and aardvarks.

London Zoo facts

There are several listed buildings at London Zoo including a traditional grade I listed telephone box at Penguin Beach and the giraffe house – a grade II listed building and the oldest in the world.
The Casson elephant house’s roof was designed by Sir Hugh Casson. The design portrays a herd of elephants drinking from a watering hole.
Winnie-the-Pooh was inspired by a real-life black bear that lived at London Zoo from 1914 until her death in 1934. She was tame, enjoyed being handled, and was loved by all - you'll find a statue dedicated to her in the zoo.

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Don your deerstalker and discover The Official Sherlock Live Game - an exciting immersive adventure from the makers of the hit TV series

Try out Sherlock: The Official Live Game with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
Enter the world of Sherlock Holmes with immersive sets and environments recognizable from the show.
Work as a team to solve mysteries and puzzles before time runs out.
60 minutes of exciting gameplay.
10% off cocktails at their Sherlock-inspired speakeasy, The Mind Palace.
10% off a digital photo of your team in 221b Baker Street with your pass.

Your pass gives you access to dozens more of the city's top attractions, so make sure to check them out!
Once you finish your escape room experience, head over to the Mind Palace, our secret speakeasy bar which hosts dozens of Sherlock-inspired cocktails which you can use your pass to get 10% off!

You and your teammates will play detective and travel through a whole host of environments that you’ll recognise from the smash-hit BBC show.
It even features original content from the stars of the show including Benedict Cumberbatch, Andrew Scott, Martin Freeman, and more!
Without Sherlock on hand, you will need to embody the famously brilliant sleuth to solve the clues. You’ll need sharp eyes, keen wits, and a hunger for adventure. What's more, you'll have an hour to get through the game, but be warned: time flies when you're having fun!

Can you step into the shoes of the legendary detective? Good luck!

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Dare yourself to face your fears and climb to the top at London's biggest club stadium, Tottenham Hotspur.

Visit The Dare Skywalk with zooFamily

With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
90-minute Skywalk experience.
Get 360° views of the London skyline.
Please note: the Dare Skywalk is not available on Saturdays and Sundays.

Take on the challenge and scale the world-famous Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and enjoy breathtaking views of the capital.
Starting at Basecamp you'll get clipped in and head up 100 steps to the exposed rooftop walkway. Once you've got over the dizzying height you can make your way out onto the viewing deck. Snap some pictures of the panoramic views of the city before venturing across the stadium roof and bravely stepping out on the glass apex 46.8-meters above the pitch.

Finally, you'll get the chance to get up-close to Tottenham Hotspur's emblem itself, the Golden Cockerel, and get the ultimate bird's eye view!

BDT 6,390 0% OFF
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This is one of London's most comprehensive walking tours - a must for first-time visitors to the city!

Enjoy a 30+ London Sights Tour with zooFamily

With us, there are no fees on the day - all you've got to do is show your pass.
Discover 30+ sights on a five-hour tour.
Enjoy the expertise of a friendly local guide.
Get to know your fellow sightseers in a small group of 10-15.

Discover Westminster, London Bridge and the Southbank's top sights, as your expert guide immerses you in the storied history of the city along the way.

Stroll by Buckingham Palace, say hello to Big Ben and gaze in awe at The Shard as you journey through the city. You'll see over 30 famous London sights and hear fascinating stories about the city's history and culture.

This tour is a great way to get your bearings in London, plus with this tour's small group size, you'll get to know your fellow sightseers in a fun and educational setting.

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